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Pump Haven :: News Page - News and Pump-related articles
latest update: 1/29/2007
My Home Pump Setup
10/25/2009 - by adonis_minus_20
Purchasing a PIU Machine: With Swearing!
5/23/2008 - by Yeehaw McKickass
Pump it Up NX2: Next Xenesis Review
2/12/2008 - by Turkeyslam
Pump it Up Zero Portable (PSP) Review
11/04/2007 - by Turkeyslam
Mozart Wants YOU!.....To Play PIU! (part 1)
1/29/2007 - by elegie
Pump Haven's NX News Roundup
11/22/2006 - by Turkeyslam
Buying a Pump Machine: A Tale of Whoa!
10/29/2006 - by Pawprint
Guide to buying a Zero Machine
7/05/2006 - by VisualCSharp
KSF guide for dummies: redux!
7/04/2006 - by Wolfman
Analysis and explanation of the KSF format
6/07/2006 - by Turkeyslam
PIU Zero - Turkeyslam's first-hand preview 1/28/2006 - by Turkeyslam
Exceed SE Xbox Beta exposť 8/28/2005 - by AJ 187
Exceed SE final song list revealed! 8/07/2005 - by Turkeyslam
Pump It Up: Exceed SE preview 5/26/2005 - by Turkeyslam
Funbox Collection released! 4/18/2005 - by Turkeyslam
Arturo's interview with Yahpp 4/04/2005 - by Arturo

Pump Haven's relaunch!

3/30/2005 - by Turkeyslam

April Fools Joke 2004 3/31/2004 - by Turkeyslam
PIU Exceed Beta: Turkey's Review 3/22/2004 - by Turkeyslam
PIU Exceed Revealed 1/29/2004 - by Turkeyslam
Turkeyslam's Nightmare Reviews (Prex 3 era) 1/11/2004 - by Turkeyslam
Prex 3 PC Release 12/12/2003 - by Turkeyslam