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Pump Haven: :: PREX 3 FOR PC!!!!!
9:43AM EST :: 12/12/03

Friday, December 12th, 2003. I head over to Pump Xtreme as usual, and what do I see on the front page? Something I definitely didn't expect to see. "PREX 3 FOR PC" was right up there, on the front of the page. Right along with a poster of some sort promoting it. I freaked out, just as you may be freaking out right now.

And believe it or not, this crazy thing is going to be released next Saturday! The 20th of December! Right now, only Mega Game seems to be selling it, but I'm sure plenty other Korean sites will join the bandwagon VERY soon.

This appears to only be a Korean release, but just like the Perfect Collection, we will without a doubt be able to get our filthy little hands on this too. I highly doubt that the States or elsewhere will get an official release or anything, but it doesn't matter. Those of us who want it WILL get it.

Now, here's the best part. I did a little exchange rate check, and I found that this is game is SUPER cheap and VERY affordable! The regular set which comes with the brand new style mat is shockingly only 42,000 won (around $36) for the game and a new style mat and 73,000 (around $61) for the complete set with TWO mats! Unbelievable.

When I did some searching on the net, I found some ingame screenshots of the game. It looks AMAZING and just like the arcade version. If the game is as I think it is, we may have a hack for it VERY soon to get the Prex 2 songs and all kinds of other good stuff in there. Yup! Anyway, for now I'll leave you guys drooling over some screenshots until we get some more info about it. And oh yeah, have you seen the song list yet? This is why everyone says Prex 3 is the best release yet, my friends. And very soon, we will all have it to play at home. Stay tuned.


Title Screen
Game Options Screen
Credits Screen
How To Play
Song Select Screen
Ingame Screenshot
Combo Battle Screenshot
Stage Result Screen
Stage Clear
Try Next Stage

- Turkeyslam