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Pump Haven: :: Prex 3's Nightmare songs reviewed!!
3:18PM CST :: 1/11/04


OK, here goes. I'm going to rank every song featured on Prex 3's Nightmare mode from the easiest to the hardest and describe them. These reviews are pretty in-depth, so it can tell you guys what to expect. Maybe you guys could even go step by step to conquer Nightmare using this... I dunno. BTW, "RS" stands for "reccommended speed". This is just the speed that I would play the song at to make it the easiest to play. And "TSC" is the total step count for the song. Or, in other words, the number for a full combo. This is yet another Pump Haven exclusive. Enjoy!

Nightmare #1: Come Back To Me
Nightmare #2: Lovething
Nightmare #3: As I Told U
Nightmare #4: Come To Me
Nightmare #5: Bambole
Nightmare #6: Join The Party
Nightmare #7: Clap Your Hands
Nightmare #8: Empire of the Sun
Nightmare #9: Pierrot
Nightmare #10: Perfect!
Nightmare #11: Hypnosis
Nightmare #12: She Likes Pizza
Nightmare #13: Csikos Post
Nightmare #14: Dr. M
Nightmare #15: Extravaganza
Nightmare #16: Another Truth
Nightmare #17: Final Audition
Nightmare #18: Mr. Larpus
Nightmare #19: Beethoven Virus
Nightmare #20: Will O' The Wisp
Nightmare #21: Vook
Nightmare #22: Let's Get The Party Started
Nightmare #23: Winter

Nightmare #1: Deux - Come Back To Me
Level 2
BPM 116
RS: 3x
TSC: 378

This is by far the easiest Nightmare and definitely the first one that a newbie to Nightmare should try. It has some genuinely fun steps and only one real part that really challenges you. On the most part, it's not bad at all, and you can still get a good grade if you don't do so hot on the middle part. That's mainly because it comes and goes pretty quickly. The total step count is increased a lot because of the holds in there. They're easy, though.

Nightmare #2: Down Low - Lovething
Level 3
BPM 103
RS: 4x
TSC: 323

Even though the step count on Lovething is noticeably smaller, it is definitely harder. The craziness kicks in a lot quicker than in Come Back To Me, and it attacks you in bigger doses. It does, however, give you break points where you catch your breath. And for the last 30 seconds or so, it's even easier than Come Back To Me. The thing that makes this harder though is the fact that the runs are intense. The transitions between sides are harder. But it's still fun and for experts, very easy.

Nightmare #3: Kim Sung Jae - As I Told U
Level 3
BPM 120
TSC: 429

As I Told U doesn't have the death chains that other Nightmares have, but it does have consistency. The steps don't give you nearly as much "break time" as the last two do. The steps here are some of the best choreographed of the Nightmares, and it's one of the most fun to play. This song also has 3 different sections with a special combo of hold step chains which may throw off players who aren't used to it. And lastly, the steps begin way before they do on other modes, and it WILL catch you off guard if you're not ready for it. It throws 20 steps in before the steps on other modes would even begin.

Nightmare #4: Banya - Come To Me
Level 3
BPM 100/107/100
TSC: 417

Once again, this has a smaller step count than As I Told U. As I Told U has all those extra holds, and that's why this song has slightly less. Anyway, this is sort of like As I Told U. As I Told U has consistency, and so does this one. The thing is that this one has consistency with longer and tougher chains that spread across the board. If it was at As I Told U's BPM, it would be twice as hard as the former, but at its normal speed, it's only slightly harder.

Nightmare #5: Papa Gonzales - Bambole
Level 4
BPM 128
RS: 3x
TSC: 356

Anything I say in the reviews of the next two songs probably describes Bambole, because these three are pretty much the same when it comes to difficulty. So I'll just let you read those and you've pretty much got Bambole. Only thing is that it has an easy beginning and simply not as many steps throughout. Its only one long chain is really not so bad compared to the others.

Nightmare #6: Gans - Join The Party
Level 4
BPM 131
RS: 3x
TSC: 363

This is sort of like what Come To Me would be if it were at a higher speed. This IS a level above those last once, regardless of what the TSC is. There's only one hold step in here, so that's probably why. Anyway, this song IS hard. It does give you breaks, but they aren't THAT much... the easy points are still pretty hard. There are two small evil chains and one really long one, but they aren't that big a deal. You can miss quite a lot of steps in these chains and you'll still do OK because the other parts of the song are easy. But no other song so far has chains as hard as the ones here.

Nightmare #7: Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle - Clap Your Hands
Level 4
BPM 127
RS: 3x
TSC: 421

This one's difficulty is extremely similar to Join the Party. Its patterns and speed are exactly what's found in the other. JTP has those three kill chains, but they really aren't long. CYH has one chain that represents all three of the chains in the other song. It's long and evil and passes through both sides more than once. At this point if you have stage break, you're likely to get shot. If you make it, however, it's all the same thing as Join The Party. It just has a few more steps, that's all.

Nightmare #8: Novasonic - Empire of the Sun
Level 5
BPM 118
RS: 4x
TSC: 430

Some would say that this song really isn't any worse than the previous three. They're half right, half wrong. It only has a few more steps than the others, but it IS harder. Look at it this way, the beginning 15 seconds of the song has steps so easy, it's as if there were no steps at all. And then there's that break later on. The difficulty of it all is clustered more closely together, and the steps aren't as "friendly" as before. It's harder, but in sort of a different way than just tossing steps all in there. It has more jumps, skips, and wacky step patterns that'll throw you off.

Nightmare #9: Lee Hyun Do - Pierrot
Level 5
BPM 100
RS: 4x
TSC: 323

Pierrot is hard mainly because the chains come and come and, except during the chorus, they don't stop. The song is at only 100BPM, so the chains aren't SO bad, but they're still very tough. The background of the song really can screw you up too, because the crazy colors frequently mix in with arrows, and when you have chains swinging back and forth between the sides, getting thrown off is very likely. The choruses have jumps that aren't hard, but they make you lose a lot of energy. And then there's triples mixed into 8th chains... yeah, the song has a way smaller step count, but it's still hard enough to be harder than the other 8.

Nightmare #10: Diva - Perfect!
Level 5
BPM 131
RS: 3x RSC: 378

OK, this is the hardest of the 5's. The steps for the song itself is similar to Empire of the Sun, I would say. Only thing is that the uncomfortability (is that a word?) level of the song is greater. It has some steps that throw you off, and the chains feel like crap when you run through them. I really wouldn't say this is too fun. It's hard and not fun. I think that when it's not fun, it makes the song harder. And that's what happens here. OK, I'll stop repeating myself. Only other thing I have to say is that this song begins all that 16th Q-E-QS crap that a lot of the Nightmares have. That makes this harder.

Nightmare #11: Banya - Hypnosis
Level 6
BPM 180
RS: 2x
TSC: 358

I actually was pretty surprised by how, well, EASY Hypnosis turned out to be. The beginning has some slightly odd steps that really throw a message in your face that the song is about to kick your ass, but as it turns out, it gets EASIER. Basically it's a lot of 8th notes (but remember, it IS 180BPM), and some weird jumps. It has two sections of 4th notes with jumps and triples, and since it's really offbeat, it wouldn't be surprising if you missed a lot. The triple for every fourth step with either C17 or EC1 can really throw you off, too. Overall, though, it's not really a nightmare at all.... just a really difficult Double routine.

Nightmare #12: Banya - She Likes Pizza
Level 6
BPM 230
RS: 2x
TSC: 358

Yep, She Likes Pizza. Anyway, this song is really not that much of a big deal on most parts, but it's still worthy of being in the top half of hard Nightmares. Why? Well, first off, the BPM screws you up. 2x is really kind of slow and you have a hard time distinguishing some runs and jumps, and on 3x it's WAY, WAY too fast. The song also has some tiny 16th chains using two steps several times, but the thing that makes these so hard is that these are 16ths at 230BPM! This song has the fastest chains found in the game, believe it or not. The song, as usual, is offbeat and dumb. It's better choreographed than the other SLP modes, though. Believe it or not, what really makes it hard is when you play it, you hate what you're doing so much that THIS is what screws you up.

Nightmare #13: Banya - Csikos Post
Level 7
BPM 180
RS: 3x
TSC: 562

Csikos Post is so hard mainly because you get ZERO breaks when playing. It's runs, runs, runs, runs, and even more runs, with 16ths thrown in for good measure. It's really a test of stamina, because there's no easy points to help you out, and it only gets harder, not easier. The thing is, though, Csikos Post doesn't have any weird or confusing steps, and none of the 16th chains make you twist your body or double step. This is what makes most Nightmares hard, and you won't find that here. It's still hard enough though for me to classify it as a level 7. I mean, look at the difference in its TSC than the rest. Get my point?

Nightmare #14: Banya - Dr. M
Level 7
BPM 145
RS: 3x
TSC: 471

This one REALLY surprised me by how hard it was. The song is already killer to begin with. It stays consistent, and doesn't have any mercy whatsoever. But when it reaches that middle point, all hell breaks loose. That middle chain is oh so evil. If there's any Nightmare that can kick you in the middle of the song with stage break OFF, then this is it. At that middle section if you make one mistake, expect to miss a couple dozen steps afterwards. The problem with this thing is that it doesn't stop, and it stays just as hard until the end. The 16th E-S-E's and Q-C-Q's turn into E-S-ES's and Q-C-QC's and all the slow parts get patched up with steps that don't let the flow get broken. And then when it gets nearer to the end, it kicks your ass some more. It races down the board with 16ths and ends with a QSZ that's part of the freaking chain. EVIL.

Nightmare #15: Banya - Extravaganza
Level 7
BPM 195
RS: 2x
TSC: 600

Well, we sort of have a record here. This is the one with the highest step count so far. 600, baby. Anyway, this is like Csikos Post, only with more draining 16th chains and awkward jumps. It does have easy points. Quite a few, actually. But they don't help you regain energy at all! One thing about Extravaganza though is that it always seems to appear more evil than it actually is. While the stats for this thing clearly show it should be at a higher level than Csikos Post and Dr. M, Extrava is like its Hard and Double counterparts. When you "get it", it's really not as hard as it appears to be. I don't disagree with the fact that it's harder than the previous two, but it isn't THAT much harder.

Nightmare #16: Novasonic - Another Truth
Level 8
BPM 136
RS: 3x
TSC: 377

First third of the song... "yeah, this is actually sorta easy! No more than a level 6". That's what you think then. After that comes the second third of the song, when you think, "whoa, this is getting hard and these chains are kicking my ass!" At that point you'd probably say it's a level 7 even. They're 16th chains with evil twists and turns that throw you around the mat/stage/whatever. And then comes that last third... "holy fark! I've never seen so many triples at once in my life!" This song manages to have 377 steps, when the first part is easy, and the last 50 steps are just about all 4th notes. That's already an accomplishment. But what really makes Another Truth insane is its ludicrous ending. There's over 40 triples in a row, and they are all pretty damn hard triples too. Most of them don't even feel right leading into the next one. It's probably humanly impossible to hit all of them. So yeah, this is a level 8.

Nightmare #17: Banya - Final Audition
Level 8
BPM 131
RS: 4x
TSC: 487

Enjoy the first 2/5 of the song. It's very easy, maybe even at Come Back To Me's level. It's fun and damn, it has nothing to do with what's to come. Once you hit a certain point that doesn't even seem like it's any worse, it hits you. This thing has 16th chains so long it's scary. It has about two of these, and each one is at least 100 steps long. These things probably move you from one side to another after every 15 or so steps. It's stupid hard. This song DOES have breaks later on, though, and the end isn't too bad. But when you get kicked before you reach that end, it really doesn't matter HOW easy it is, does it? No song compares with the length of these chains, so that's what gives it this rating.

Nightmare #18: Banya - Mr. Larpus
Level 9
BPM 190
RS: 3x
TSC: 491

And then comes Mr. Larpus. What would you expect? Did you think Nightmare for this thing was going to be easy? Hell no. Anyway, the first half of the song is actually not too much worse than its level 10 Double counterpart, but it's still bad. After that middle part is when it really destroys you. It tosses chain after chain in places you don't expect, totally throwing you off, and when they come, it's brutal. All the songs so far with BPM's this high with 16th chains had chains with usually only two different steps at once. This song doesn't really have any of that. It has Q-E-S-C-Z-S-Q-E-S-C-Z chains all over (which are borderline stupid at 190BPM), and the most F'ed up ending ever. This son of a bitch has a chain of QUADRUPLES! And then to top it off, it has a sixteenth chain of doubles that are already insanely hard even if they were only 8ths. But since they're 16ths, they are NOT POSSIBLE. It's nuts, man.

Nightmare #19: Banya - Beethoven Virus
Level 9
BPM 162
RS: 3x
TSC: 493

Oh. My. God. This is truly a nightmare. Beethoven Virus is so hard on Nightmare, it's hard to comprehend. And what's funny is that the first half, like a lot of these, is really not so bad at all. You know how all those Hard mode players always fear that middle part because they get kicked since the steps are so tough? You'll freaking fear the middle part of this thing even more. What's worse is that it kicks in a lot earlier than in Hard mode. This crazy SOB has an unholy mix of 16th chains, 16th jumps, triples, side switches, and basically all out hell. I can't even describe the insanity during that part. It chills out near the end, but nothing changes how hard that middle part is. Beware, Ludwig Van Beethoven turned into an assassin.

Nightmare #20: Banya - Will O' The Wisp
Level 10
BPM 210/420
RS: 2x
TSC: 505

If all of Beethoven Virus was as difficult as the middle part, it would be higher up on this list than WOTW. But it isn't. Wisp beats it because it keeps the insanity flowing throughout, nonstop. As cj_iwakura said, it's "all-out warfare". It really is. Take Wisp on Crazy, throw in way more 16th's, turn those three-16th chains and make them five-16th chains, toss triples in where SINGLE steps used to be, swap from side to side at ridiculous speeds, and then to top it all off, end the mayhem with 20 seconds of the stupid thing going at FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY BPM. It's impossible to read almost, and when you play it, you just die.

Nightmare #21: Banya - Vook
Level 10
BPM 184
RS: 3x
TSC: 570

The third-to-hardest Nightmare is the hardest Double mode song, Vook. Vook Double is already hard enough to feature high on this chart, and Vook Nightmare just adds on to that and murders everyone. While the difference in difficulty isn't much, this song is still so unbelievably difficult, you've got to be a looney to try it. One thing I must say is that Andamiro did an excellent job at taking a stupidly hard Double song and making it even worse without actually making the steps dumb and uninspired. They really did well here. The only thing is... how in the hell can there be any that are worse??!!? Well, I dunno, but there are...

Nightmare #22: Pink - Let's Get The Party Started
Level 12
BPM 128
RS: 4x
TSC: 691

OK, take a look at the five lines above this. This was not supposed to happen. WTF were you thinking, Andamiro? The only thing that really screws Nightmare up is this song right here. The steps are stupidly uninspired, dumb, pointless, and of course, insanely horrific. 691 steps of pure agony with dumb holds, dumb runs, dumb triples, dumb doubles, dumb this, dumb that, all to a very dumb song. Avoid, people. This is trash. I can't believe Andamiro allowed this BS to be part of the game. So that's why I don't think we shouldn't allow this thing to piss us off when we can't clear all the Nightmares. This song doesn't count.

Nightmare #23: Banya - Winter
Level 12
BPM 168
RS: 3x
TSC: 505

And here it is, the hardest Nightmare of them all. Winter is without question the hardest song on Nightmare mode, and anyone who can pass it deserves to be knighted by God or something. The steps for this are so difficult I don't have any words to describe it. Maybe this will give you a clue: this song is harder than every other song I've listed. And have you read what I've written about those songs? Exactly. This is it, the cream of the crop, and if you can beat this, then... damn. You rule. And you know what's funny? These steps, even though they are beyond insane, are actually pretty good. They make sense, go with the beat, and everything. This is the ultimate Slam-killer. And that's it. I'm done.

- Turkeyslam