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2:39PM CST :: 1/29/04, update 9:01AM CST :: 2/01/04

PIU X: Exceed - The International 5th Dance Floor

Report by Tyma, video footage by Fuse, song list and editing by Turkeyslam. Do not re-use Fuse's footage or Tyma's review and information without express permission from our site.




X-Treme -- Banya
Get Up! -- Banya
Pump Me Amadeus -- Banya
Blazing -- Banya
Naissance 2 -- Banya
Final Audition 3 U.F. -- Banya

Come To Me -- Banya
Bee -- Banya
D Gang -- Banya
Hello -- Banya
Beat of the War -- Banya
Dr. M -- Banya
Get Your Groove On -- Banya
Love Is A Danger Zone -- Banya
Maria -- Banya
Winter -- Banya
Will O' The Wisp -- Banya
Oy Oy Oy -- Banya
Vook -- Banya
Csikos Post -- Banya
Chicken Wing -- Banya
Can Can -- Banya
Final Audition Episode 1 -- Banya
Pump Jump -- Banya
Rolling Christmas -- Banya
All I Want For X-mas -- Banya
Beethoven Virus -- Banya
Oh! Rosa -- Banya
First Love -- Banya
Betrayer -- Banya
Solitary -- Banya
Mr. Larpus -- Banya
Final Audition 2 -- Banya
Naissance -- Banya
Turkey March -- Banya
Nightmare -- Banya
She likes Pizza -- Banya
Pumping Up -- Banya
Hate -- Banya
Koul -- Banya
Final Audition -- Banya
Extravaganza -- Banya
Ignition Starts -- Banya
Hypnosis -- Banya


One Love -- S'max
Go -- U;Nee
What Do You Really Want -- Crash
Valenti -- BoA*
Shake That Bootie -- Onetwo
Flamenco -- Oliver
Dignity -- Crash

Empire of the Sun -- Novasonic
Go Away -- To-ya
Gotta be Kidding -- Hanul
Perfect! -- Diva
Circus Magic -- Crying Nut
Starian -- Duke
Loner -- T.T.Ma
Monkey Magic -- E-paksa
Pierrot -- Lee Hyun Do
Come Back To Me -- Deux
As I Told U -- Kim Sung Jae
Slam -- Novasonic
Space Fantasy -- E-paksa
Run! -- Novasonic
Run To You -- DJ DOC
Don't Bother Me -- Tashannie
We Are -- Deux
Com'back -- Sechskies
Passion -- Yoo Seung Jun
Come To Me -- Clon
Funky Tonight -- Clon
Another Truth -- Novasonic


Kiss Me -- Debbie Scott
Essa Maneira -- Kaoma
Ba Be Loo Be Ra -- Kristen
La Cubanita -- Los Ninos De Sara
Shake It Up -- Rod
Power of Dreams -- Victoria
Watch Out -- Victoria
Fiesta -- El Cuba
Soca Make You Ram Ram -- General Grant
Born to Be Alive -- P. Hernandez & B. Thomas
Xi Bom Bom Bom -- Los Del Ritmo

Get The Party Started -- Pink
Bambole -- Papa Gonzales
Burning Krypt - B-Legit, 2wice, & 4Tray
Can You Feel Dis Or Dat -- 2wice
Clap Your Hands -- Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle
Conga -- Queen Latin
DJ Nightmare -- Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Eres Para Mi -- Mozquito
Fiesta Macarena Pt. 1 -- DJ Paula
On Your Side -- Kay Kent
Everybody -- Carlos T. Quila
Join The Party -- Gans
Lay It Down -- Fresno
Let The Sunshine In -- Lisa Cool & The South Spirit
Lovething -- Down Low
Mexi Mexi -- Mozquito
You Don't Wanna Runup! -- Rodney O & Joe Cooley

----------REVIEW BY TYMA----------

I played this game at its unveling at the ATEI in London, UK, and have written up this review so that everyone can understand exactly what is new about the newest version of PIU: Pump It Up X: Exceed.

Please do not re-use this information without my permission. I'm a young writer with a crap job, and I NEED credit ^^;

There arearound 8 new songs in the "Pop" genre that I wasn't able to film the disc titles for, and one song in the K-pop catagory which has an almost unreadable font [edit by Turkey: these are the "???" songs in the list]..

The songlist consists of EVERY song from Prex 3 plus the new Pump It Up X songs (listed above). There are NO songs returning from before Prex 3, so if a song wasn't in Prex 3, and isn't on the list anove, it unfortunately isn't in Pump It Up X.

There are no new songs from Seo Taiji, as previously reported. The "lost" Prex 3 songs are all completely lost. None of them appear in the game. The "profane 4" (DJ Nightmare, Burning Krypt, You Don't Wanna Runup, Can You Feel Dis Or Dat) are all in the game, and playable as normal.

Engine Notes:

* The theme of the game is the 10th (or Xth) anniversary of Pump It Up, since this is the 10th non-Prex Pump game. The default song is called "X-Treme" (a play on the X theme), and the other Banyas are all follow-ups or sequels to popular songs from the past.

* The game engine is completely new, including all the menus, scoring screens, arrow textures, etc. The song select screen is similar to Prex 3:

1. Choose a genre (Banya, K-Pop or Pop) by using the upper left/right arrows. You can use the arrows to scroll through and change catagory at any time, like you can change Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, etc. in Prex 3.
2. Choose a song using the bottom left/right arrows, and press the center button.
3. The game displays a list of modes on which the song can be played.

For example:

[Normal] : 4
[Hard] : 6
[Crazy] : 9
[Freestyle] : 6
[Nightmare] : 12

The scale is universal, so all Crazy songs rank in around 10, and all Nightmares around 15.

4. Choose a difficulty and press the center button to start, or one of the lower arrows to choose another song.

* The quality of the background videos has shot up. The one for X-Treme features the Powerpuff Girls, for no apparent reason.

Song Notes:

* There is NO Arrazando (It's My Party). The song's banner has been re-used for one of the new pop songs.

* "Final Audition 3" sounds like the original Final Audition with an orchestral feel. Most of the long streams follow violins. The video is a US jet fighter flying around during a sunset. It's beautiful... *sniff*

* "X-Treme" by Banya is a cover of "Gorgeous 2012"' by Naoki. It uses the rap from Naoki's song, but sounds more like Love Is A Danger Zone than anything else

* "Pump Me Amadeus" is a Mozart cover that sounds a lot like Bee. The video also sort of resembles Bee's, but with a feminine guy running away from situations, instead of the girl putting up her fists.

* "Naissance 2" is... er.... Naissance 2. It makes sense when you play it. Added bonus: It has a rap in it!

* "Dignity" by Crash is the new "hardest thing ever" on Crazy mode. The song starts with streams almost resembling Get The Party Started, then after 100 or so steps, there's a break in the stream for the now-infamous "triple freeze arrow" you've all seen pictures of. Right after the triple freeze, there's another triple, and another triple freeze.. Then again.. And again. After 4 of them, it goes back into a stream, and then a really screw stream that goes "71937193719371937193.." over and over, which makes up around 100 steps, and ends with 9 triples in a row. The step count is around 600, and it basicaly ends up as a REALLY tiring mix of Get The Party Started and Holiday, with the unique run thrown in to completely tire you out before the end. The closest I got to clearing it was 180 misses. ^^;

Originally, I planned to record video of the game, however this was impossible, since everyone else at the show was using the machine to play old (Premiere) songs for free. As I didn't see anyone playing any of the new songs, I couldn't film them, and obviously, I couldn't film myself playing. Also, I ran out of time before I could get the names of the songs in the "Pop" genre.

So there you have it. Pump It Up X will be officialy released worldwide at the end of February [edit by Turkey: it's not a Mexico exclusive, yay]. Prepare to harrass local arcade owners NOW. :)


Do not copy these videos and use them on other sites without our permission. These videos belong to DDRUK and Pump Haven and permission is required to reuse them. You may link to this page, but not directly to these videos. All videos taken by Fuse and the people in the videos are Phil and LondonPumper from DDRUK. Anyways, enjoy!

Left-click to stream videos.

- Turkeyslam / Tyma / Fuse