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Pump Haven :: PH has risen from the ashes...
08:42 CST :: 3/30/2005

Well, oh well. On September 12, 2004, went offline, and as it went away, everything went along with it - the community, forum, videos, music, and everything in between. We lost more than just a site, we lost one of the coolest Pump communities on the net and the best media database of ALL the Pump sites. The site's been offline for over six months... close to seven actually, but now we're ready to start all over again. The site is back, people!

We're back under a new name - Due to an expired domain and a whole insane plethora of problems, we lost access to the old domain,, for good. It's sad, but now that we're back, we're ready to start all over again! Are you ready? Who cares if you're ready, haha, we're back.

This revival of the site would never be successful without the generous donations of some really freaking cool dudes from over at PumpXtreme. With these guys' help, we picked up a huge chunk of the money we needed to get this site back on its feet, and if you know any of these guys, make sure to tell them thanks because it's due to the community as a whole being so damn cool that we are back here today. So without further ado, here are the contributors: adonis_minus_20, Apu95, Arturo, DeathHawkTheMad, Jason Dread, LLMax00, omnitarget, Seoul_Man, Smidget, valius, weirdo, and (r4zy. All of those members are now Pump Haven VIPs without download limits, thanks to their help. I would also like to thank BlueballFragginCrunch for dedicating many hours in helping me fix this whole site up with the various screwups we had due to the domain name change. Last but not least, I'd like to thank stariandolphin, because without her help, this site would not be here now, PERIOD. She helped with collecting donations, constantly calling the host in trying to get everything back, and taking a ton of her own time in trying to get us back online. Thanks to all of you - you all freaking rule.

Now that we're back, there's a few site issues that I need to discuss. Since the site has been down for so long, I've decided that it would be best if we reset the forum. All the posts in the main boards have been erased, and the first two O2Jam Keyboard challenge boards have been locked. I considered wiping the forum where everyone would have to re-register, but then after looking at how everything would turn out, I realized that it would result in a huge mess with having to do all kinds of stuff all over again. So, yep, if you were a member before the site went offline (which probably 99% of you are, considering there's over 4200 members!), then just use your old login and password and you will then be able to download files from the site all over again. Please note that our old rule of a 300MB monthly file download limit is still intact for regular members. I expect all of you to abide by this rule this time, and if you download more than 300MB in the month, you'll get to enjoy me banning your IP range so that you will not be able to download from this site again. Just watch how much you download and everything will be just fine.

Hozzckharr, a previous PH stepmaker, is now joining me as co-webmaster. With his help, we'll be bringing you more new content than ever before. Actually, in the next week or so, we'll have a huge amount of new stuff for you guys to enjoy: new KIU projects from me, Hozz, Scar, Koop, ocfernan, and new stepmakers Bluestreak and H4M573R, insane new Exceed 2 PA videos from the P-Burgh lunatics Miklotov & Mini-Spike, tons and I mean TONS of Exceed 2 videos and general media, courtesy of bse523, O2Jam Keyboard Challenge version 3 (yeah, baby), and last but not least the public release of the Funbox Collection. More on that soon.

For now, we have a bunch of new content to whet your appetites for the time being. We've updated our feature section with Exceed 2 media. We've got videos from Lexy and Uhm Jung Hwa, Yahpp's original full mix of Canon-D and Beat of the War 2 (!), and more. If any of you guys have been living under a rock the last half year, I'll be bringing you up to date with Exceed 2 and everything else that's been going on in the Pump world while we were gone. Expect a news report from me soon. But in the meantime, we have seven videos from Exceed 2 showcasing the stuff from the game, by bse. Check it out! We also have new vids from those psychos Miklotov and Mini-Spike, including one of the ridiculous and absurd Treme-Vook of the War, on Nightmare mode. Make sure to check those out as well!

Enjoy everything we have, make a few posts in the forum, and we'll catch you soon with tons of brand new stuff! Have fun!