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Pump Haven :: The Funbox Collection has arrived!
5:29AM CST :: 4/18/05

Pump It Up - The Funbox Collection

It's finally here!


The Funbox Collection has arrived. After two years of working on this thing, starting with it being a weak Perfect Collection mod and culminating into what it is now, with countless delays and hundreds of hours of work, Funbox and Hozzckharr have completed work on the game.

For the uninformed. Funbox Collection is a modified version of Prex 3 PC with a song list unlike any other out there. This is an old-school Korean mix, with tons of new flavor. It was designed to have all the songs from Pump you know and love from previous mixes, primarily ones that have been taken away from the current lineup of songs in recent mixes, playable for you all. This game was meant to be the polar opposite of Prex 3 and to be played as an alternative to Prex 3. You won't find recycled songs like Funky Tonight, Another Truth, Love Is A Danger Zone, and so on here. What you'll find are old-school songs like Black Cat, Hatred, Sad Salsa, and OK? OK!, Rebirth and Extra songs, Prex 3 song revivals where each song has additional never-before seen stepcharts, Exceed 1 songs and Exceed 2 Banyas, and last but not least, 14 brand new songs. Each song is playable on Easy, Hard, Crazy, and Double, with tons more available on Half Double and Nightmare. Dozens and dozens of new stepcharts topped with a bunch of new songs will ensure that you're in for a damn nice treat.

Now that the game is out, download the link on the main page of Pump Haven to download the game. It's a torrent file, so you'll need a compatible program such as BitTorrent to be able to download it. While you download, here are some treats to pique your interest - the song list, as well as two reviews by beta testers of the game, bse523 and BlueballFragginCrunch. Enjoy!




New songs:

1) Banya - Arch of Darkness
2) Banya - Let Me Break It Down
3) Seo Taiji - Live Wire
4) Seo Taiji - F.M Business
5) Seo Taiji - To You (Hardcore Version)
6) Seo Taiji - 1996
7) Seo Taiji - Take Five
8) Taiji Boys - Regrettable Time
9) Turbo - History
10) Jinusean - A-Yo!
11) O.P.P.A - Patriotism
12) Crash - Discipline
13) Novasonic - Bad Girl
14) Novasonic - Empire of the Sun (Original Version)


15) Fin.K.L - Forever Love
16) Turbo - Black Cat
17) Monocrom - What Do U Really Want?
18) Novasonic - Hatred
19) Lee Kang Shin - Rewind
20) Sechskies - Mobius Strip
21) Hans Band - Curiosity
22) Jo Sung Mo - Heart Break
23) Jinusean - Tell Me
24) DJ DOC. - OK? OK!
25) Baek Ji Young - Sad Salsa
26) Roo'Ra - Summer of Love
27) Park Ji Yoon - I Will Accept You
28) Taiji Boys - I Know
29) Taiji Boys - Unforgettable Memory
30) Taiji Boys - Hayuga
31) Taiji Boys - My Fantasy
32) Taiji Boys - Certain Victory
33) Seo Taiji - Ultramania


34) Banya - Emperor
35) Banya - Point Break
36) Banya - Top City
37) Banya - Till the End of Time
38) Banya - Miss's Story
39) Kim Gun Mo - Zzanga
40) C.B. Mass - A Whistle
41) Park Jin Young - Swing Baby
42) Can - My Best Day Is Gone
43) Turtles - Let's Boogie
44) People Crew - Flower of Night
45) Tin Tin Five - Move Your Head
46) N.EX.T - Trash Man
47) B.O.K - Funky Jockey
48) O.P.P.A - Wayo Wayo
49) U'Two - Guilty Conscience
50) Honey Family - The Rap: Act 3
51) F2 Original - Holiday
52) Deux - Out of the Ring
53) Yu Seung Jun - Wish You Could Find
54) DJ DOC. - Ferry Boat
55) Clon - First Love (Techno Mix)

Exceed 1 & 2:

56) Banya - Final Audition 3 U.F
57) Banya - Naissance 2
58) Banya - Monkey Fingers
59) Banya - Blazing
60) Banya - Pump Me Amadeus
61) Banya - X-Treme
62) Banya - Get Up!
63) Crash - Dignity
64) OneTwo - Shake That Bootie
65) BoA* - Valenti
66) Crash - What Do You Really Want
67) U;Nee - Go
68) Oliver - Flamenco
69) S'Max - One Love
70) Banya - J Bong
71) Banya - Hi-Bi
72) Banya - Solitary 2
73) Banya - Canon-D

Prex 3 Revivals:

74) Banya - Ignition Starts (Guitar Version): new EZ/HDB/NM
75) Banya - Turkey March (Original Version): new EZ, Exceed NM
76) Banya - Beethoven Virus (Original Version): new HDB
77) Deux - Come Back To Me: old-school steps
78) Kim Sung Jae - As I Told U: old-school steps
79) Lee Hyun Do - Pierrot: old-school steps
80) Banya - Hypnosis: new EZ/HDB
81) Deux - We Are: new EZ/NM
82) Novasonic - Slam: Exceed NM
83) Banya - Bee: Exceed NM
84) Banya - D Gang: new NM
85) Banya - Beat of the War: new NM
86) F2 Original - Can Can: new EZ/HD/HDB/NM
87) Banya - Final Audition Episode 1: new EZ, Exceed NM

Hidden Songs:

88) ???
89) ???
90) ???


First off, let me say this: for those that have seen the demos and my videos, and know that thereís a lot of insane/ridiculous/whatever you want to call it stuff on this mix, let me say that itís really no different than any mix Andamiro has put out. Plus even though this is meant for home pad use, Iím pretty sure a very good portion of the people that download this are going to using a keyboard to play this. And guess what, even on a keyboard, thereís a lot of fun stepcharts to be found. Over this review Iíll be discussing the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Letís start out by showing the final songlist. 14 brand new songs that have never been seen on an official Pump mix before, which is about par with what AM has done recently. In fact, most of the people that have been around a while will remember him constantly asking what songs we wanted in the game. And Seo Taiji/Taijiboys were always near the top. So we got a lot of it. Also, a lot of classics that have been sorely missed in the new mixes were brought back, and given new stepcharts where needed. Like Forever Love, I Will Accept You, etc. Very impressive stuff if you ask me.

The interface is simple: if youíve played Premiere 3 or Prex 3, then youíll feel right at home. Speed mods/other codes are entered just like they would be in the arcade (QEQES or 79795 for 2x). But what was added are the Exceed sound effects and grade fonts during the song.

Now onto the meat of the game, the songs/stepcharts themselves. Iím sure thereís a lot of people thatíd wish that Can Can would have Hard/Normal/etc. steps and think the same for many other songs. For the most part, theyíre here. Youíll have Can Can, Holiday, and many others on every mode (yes including Half Double which obviously since it is Prex 3, is in the game). And most of them are actually very well done. Some of the better ďrebirthsĒ I saw were these: Guilty Conscience Crazy, Wayo Wayo Crazy, Forever Love Crazy, and Curiosity Crazy. If you find Comíback crazy even remotely fun, these 4 are like it with some alterations. Thereís many more that probably deserve to be considered steps very well made but those came straight to my mind.

There are some bad stepcharts in here but like I said before, AM has done their share of crappy steps to good songs. Thing is, that most of the bad stuff go into the insane/ugly catergory. But stuff like Bad Girl HD and LiveWire HD are going to give your fingers a workout. Bad Girl is actually on course with its level 11 rating, youíre going to have some insanity but itís insanity that fits. If Slam crazy were fit into a Half-Double stepchart and slightly toned, itíd be similar to this.

Now onto the ugly/insane. Read the warning when you first load the game. What he says about Beat of the War NM is true. For those thatíve seen the Exceed 2 version, this takes that to a whole new level. Your normal insane NM/crazies are here as well: Dignity, PMA, FAE1, etc. But new additions to the insane family include Trash Man Nightmare, Discipline Crazy/Nightmare (both of these play like Dignity), To You ≠ Hardcore Version (arguably some of the toughest stepcharts Iíve seen period, even on Hard mode! The BPM change will hurt). Thereís plenty more though, Iíll let you find them.

Iím sorry if this review does seem short but there are other good points. The work that was done into the BGAs for the new songs overall is incredible. Discipline will look very familiar in that it took clips from the Novasonic Remix BGA, for those that played Bad Girl, they made an animation on it, and itís wonderful. Not to the point where youíll be distracted (unless you find the ďbad girlĒ on the disc image irresistible) but it is eye candy. Take Five (also a song very well done step-wise, one of the best all-around songs in the game) is just pretty to watch, especially on a summer day. FM Business is also well done. Overall you can tell that a lot of effort was put into these.

Also, even though the videos are not up anymore, if youíd like to take a look at my thoughts on some of the stepcharts I had recorded, go visit here. Thoughts on them have not changed.


The Funbox Collection is finally here, and your wait is more than worth it. 90 songs in total, several of your Pump It Up favorites, and tons of KIU originals, with a brand new Nightmare made just for this special release. This is the mother of all games here, and I can tell you all about it.

There are 14 brand new songs in the list, all originals from your favorite stepmakers, and have all 6 modes to enjoy. Among them are artists like Novasonic, Banya, and even a few Taijis. None of these are in any PIU mixes, so these are Funbox Collection only. You'll just have to find out what the other ones are for yourself.

There are a whopping 73 PIU songs here. 19 of the best old-school songs, 22 Rebirth and Extra songs, 18 essential Exceed 1 and 2 songs, and 14 Prex 3 revival songs. Each Prex 3 revival features brand new stepcharts on one or more of its modes, and includes a few other little surprises dropped in the basket. You'll find old favorites from Banya, Crash, Deux, Novasonic, and too many more to possibly list here. Remember, there's 73 of just these songs, you probably won't even figure them all out for a few weeks, unless you go nuts and play them all 8 hours a day...

As far as backgrounds go, you'll see all the old pre-Exceed videos in their original form, all in high quality beauty. All the originals come with an extremely good original video as well. They were made by Turkeyslam, Dalitro, and Hozzckharr, and let me tell you, they are AMAZING. There's no way you could ask for better. As far as Exceed videos go, those will have to wait a little while, but don't you worry: they'll be coming VERY soon.

What are you still reading this for? Go download this baby and start playing. If you don't like The Funbox Collection you might as well not even be a Pump fan. Oh, and also, this is a REALLY GOOD reason to go out and buy some Pump mats, because everyone of these songs is paddable (except maayyyybe one). Enjoy!


Funbox/Turkeyslam - project leader, stepmaker

Hozzckharr - graphics guru, stepmaker

Pachuco - content contributor: files/tools

Ahnada - content contributor: files/tools

Valius - content contributor: files/tools

Dalitro - content contributor: videos

Mr. Scar - stepchart contributor

Bluestreak - stepchart contributor

Seoul_Man, bse523, WayneC02, RexFury - beta testers


Special thanks goes to the PumpXtreme communiuty for helping us narrow down the song list, giving us ideas, insight into what should be added to the game, and generally keeping this project alive with their interest in the game. Thanks to all of the contributors, because without their efforts, this game would never have reached completion. And lastly, thanks goes to Andamiro and the Freevolt team for the development of the Prex 3 engine and for the development of Pump in general. Please support Andamiro and purchase the home versions of the game, especially the mats, because you need them to play this game the way it's meant to be played... this project was made to keep the Pump spirit alive, and it's up to you guys to let it go on from here.

That's about it. Enjoy the game and Pump on!