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Pump Haven :: Exceed SE final song list revealed!
6:54AM CST :: 8/07/05


And now that the game is almost here, we have the final list of songs, baby!


Pump Exceed SE's release is just around the corner. This is set to be the first Pump It Up console release ever, and we at Pump Haven have an exclusive joint preview with Bemanistyle with the FINAL and CONFIRMED song list for the PlayStation 2 (NOT the Xbox version, which is rumored to have a very different song list) version of Pump It Up Exceed SE!! Here it is, and ENJOY!

Rappers Delight - Sugarhill Gang (N-3, H-5, C-13, F-5, NM-15)
Name Of The Game - The Crystal Method (N-3, H-5, C-16, F-2, NM-18)
A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs. JXL (N-3, H-5, C-13, F-5, NM-15)
Let's Groove - Earth, Wind, and Fire (N-2, H-5, C-9, F-5, NM-12)
Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram (N-4, H-8, C-17, F-2, NM-19)
I Love You Baby - Pandera (N-4, H-5, C-13, F-5, NM-14)

Ignition Starts! - BanYa
Hypnosis - BanYa
Hate - BanYa
Koul - BanYa
Final Audition - BanYa
Extravaganza - BanYa
Final Audition 2 - BanYa
Naissance - BanYa
Turkey March - BanYa
Nightmare - BanYa
She Likes Pizza - BanYa
Pumping Up - BanYa
Oh Rosa! - BanYa
First Love - BanYa
Solitary - BanYa
Mr. Larpus - BanYa
Rolling Christmas - BanYa
Beethoven Virus - BanYa
Dr. M - BanYa
Love is a Danger Zone - BanYa
Maria - BanYa
My Way - BanYa (unlockable)
Point Break - BanYa (unlockable)
Street Show Down - BanYa (unlockable)

Winter - BanYa
Will O' The Wisp - BanYa
Vook - BanYa
Csikos Post - BanYa
Bee - BanYa
D Gang - BanYa
Hello - BanYa
Beat of the War - BanYa
Come to Me - BanYa
Chicken Wing - BanYa
Can Can - F2
Final Audition Episode 1 - BanYa
Final Audition 3 - BanYa
Naissance 2 - BanYa
Monkey Fingers - BanYa (unlockable)
Blazing - BanYa
Pump Me Amadeus - BanYa
X Treme - BanYa
Get Up! - BanYa
Canon-D - BanYa (unlockable)

Forever Love - Fin.K.L
Passion - Yoo Seung Jun
Come to Me - Clon
Funky Tonight - Clon
Hatred - Novasonic
Another Truth - Novasonic
Fighting Spirits - H.O.T.
Com'back - Sechs Kies
Mobius Strip - Sechs Kies
Don't Bother Me - Tashannie
Love Song - Yoo Seung Jun
To the Top - Lee Ju-No
We Are - Deux
A-Trap - Yoo Seung Jun
Run! - Novasonic
Come Back To Me - Deux
As I Told You - Kim Sung Jae
Slam - Novasonic
Go Away - Toya
Perfect! - DIVA
Gotta be Kidding - Hanul
Empire of the Sun - Novasonic
Loner - T.T.Ma
Circus Magic - Crying Nut
Starian - Duke
The Rap Act 3 - Honey Family
Pierrot - Lee Hyun Do
Dignity - Crash (unlockable)
Shake That Bootie - OneTwo
Valenti - BoA*
What Do You Really Want? - Crash
Go - U;nee
Flamenco - Oliver (unlockable)
One Love - S'Max (unlockable)
We Don't Stop - Asoto Union (unlockable)

Bambole - Papa Gonzales
Clap your Hands - Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle
Conga - Queen Latin
Eres Para Mi - Mozquito
Join the Party - Gans
Mexi Mexi - Mozquito
Kiss Me - Debbie Scott
Essa Maneira - Kaoma
Ba Be Loo Be Ra - Kristeen
La Cubanita - Los Ninos de Sara
Shake it Up - Rod
Power of Dream - Victoria
Watch Out - Victoria
Fiesta - El Cuba
Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram - General Grant
Born to be Alive - P. Hernandez & B. Thomas

Other Things

- First Love and Oh! Rosa are the Korean versions, despite the fact that it's been previously stated that the Spanish versions were going to be used.
- A Little Less Conversation, Walkie Talkie Man, and Name Of The Game all have their actual music videos.
- The songlists are different between Arcade and Home Version modes.

Game CD/booklet/case:

The game is coming in the next coming weeks, so stay tuned! And make sure to support Andamiro and buy a copy or three for your PS2 and Xbox!