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Pump Haven: :: NX News Coverage Roundup
2:25AM CST :: 11/22/06

This is a re-posting of the news articles, as they arrived, with the launch of NX. Note that these news articles have outdated information, but it is still a good source for those of you who haven't played NX yet to get a good idea about the mix. You can find the complete master song list for Pump It Up NX here. Each part of this is sorted by date, with the final news post being in the bottom.

Pump Haven: :: PIU NX: MAJOR UPDATE! Nov. 11, 1:05AM
17:29 CST :: 11/09/2006


Now that the first screenshots and videos of the new game are emerging, we now get to see for ourselves what Andamiro's got in store for us. The game has been hyped with countless features, a humongous song list, and new stations among other things. But now that we've seen the interface, the Pump community is questioning what in the world Andamiro was thinking with this mix. Many of us, including myself, initially thought the footage we've been shown thus far has all been a crazy elaborate hoax. Apparently it's not. We won't try to force any opinions on you, so check out the new footage for yourself! The screenshots and footage are spread out throughout the posts, and the discussion thread about it is growing exponentially larger by the minute. After the initial shock of the interface wears off, confirmed features in the game emerge to console us, and some of what's been told is pretty damn good!

The game is now being playtested (and now confirmed to be RELEASED) in Mexico, so the full feature list will be here any time soon. But for now, we've got a roundup of confirmed facts for you!

Yahpp - Arch of Darkness (BPM 135.5)
Yahpp - Chimera (BPM 210)
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-1 (BPM 170)
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-2 (BPM 200)
Yahpp - Witch Doctor #1 (BPM 122)
BanYa - Bullfighter's Song (BPM 168)
BanYa - Do You Know That -Old School-
BanYa - 2006 Love Song
BanYa - Gun Rock
BanYa - Ugly Dee
Jin Yang Hyun vs. Yahpp - U Inside My Dim Memory
Hyang Lim Park vs. Yahpp - My Brother is Street Singer


B.E.G. & Cho PD - Hold the Line
Epik High - Fly
Dynamic Duo - Go Back
DJ DOC - One Night
N.Ex.T - For You
Jong Kook Kim - Lovely
Apple Jam - Snow Dream
Jiny - Free
Hyun Jin Young - Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go
Typhoon - So
Ururbu Project - Terminal Depository
May - Handsome Character That Pass

DJ Dookie - Hybs
DVS - Bust Back
Andrew Kim - Throw 'Em Up
Haley - Sam-I-Am
Gyfted - We Goin' Fly (Remix)

U'Two - Guilty Conscience (now called "Mistake")
N.Ex.T - Lazenca, Save Us
Som2 - Pray
Deux - Come Back To Me
Crying Nut - Circus Magic

BanYa - Hate
BanYa - Pumping Up
BanYa - My Way
BanYa - Street Show Down
BanYa - Free Style

-all Anothers from Zero: unlocked
-all remixes from Zero: unlocked
-Love is a Danger Zone [another CZ]: unlocked - Division all-wild steps
-Mr. Larpus [another CZ, NM]: unlocked (FS = Zero Another steps, NM = new steps)
-She Likes Pizza [another NM]: locked
-Hi-Bi [another NM]: locked
-Csikos Post [another NM]: locked
-What Do You Really Want [another CZ, NM]: locked
-Phantom [another NM]: locked
-Dr. M [another CZ]: locked
-Fighting Spirits [another CZ, NM]: locked
-Kiss Me [another NM]: locked
-Deja Vu [another NM]: locked
-Shake It Up [another NM]: locked
-Final Audition Episode 1 [another HD, CZ, NM]: locked
-Bee [another CZ]: locked
-Beethoven Virus [another CZ]: locked
-Gun Rock [another]: locked
-Final Audition Episode 2-1 [another]: locked
-Final Audition Episode 2-2 [another]: locked
-Chimera [another]: locked
-[OST] Beat of the War 2: locked
-[OST] Love is a Danger Zone 2: locked
-[OST] Lovely: locked
-[OST] U Inside My Dim Memory: locked
-Chicago Remix: locked
-Groove Remix: locked
-Classical Remix 2: locked
-Remix containing Witch Doctor, Will o' the Wisp, and two more songs
-MORE unlisted remixes and OSTs which couldn't be identified due to the lock icon

-Immense new song list size. At least a few dozen, with reports of 37, 38, 43, and 46 new songs from different sources.
-There are 12 BanYas (7 Yahpp and 5 BanYa Productions), 12 K-Pops, and 5 Pops, with an unknown number in Special Station.
-The game no longer has the songs split up by channels, but rather has them all chained together in one continuous loop, somewhat like in the past before
Exceed. Songs which shared channels before are still joined together (such as all Banyas being together). Both top left and top right now change difficulty.
-Channels: K-Pop, Banya, Pop, with all new songs being placed in "New Tunes" channel (when the song is selected, the channel displays above the song
-BGA previewing is still present, with the BGA preview emerging inside the disc image of your chosen song. The song name, artist, and BPM scroll below the disc image.
-The game has a strange new level system, with three styles, two of which are stars and skulls, with every star representing 2 levels and skulls representing 3 (specifics on what equals what not confirmed yet). The third style has question marks.
-Playable full version songs (OSTs) and tons of new remixes and Another stepcharts in the brand new "Special Station". -Special Station organizes songs similar to how Extra Mix did. You can play four anothers in one credit or two remixes. And yes, like Extra mix, you can cheat the credit by going Remix/Another/Remix!
-New beginner section with full on tutorials and lessons for beginning players.
-Timer now gives you 90 seconds for your song selection.
-"World Tour" station, with many "cities" to conquer. Unlocks unlocked on individual machines.
-Freevolt is no longer involved with Pump it Up. This game was developed by the developer "Nexcade".
-The three confirmed Pop songs so far are American hip-hop songs, yes, with profanity.
-At the end of every credit, regardless of how many songs you played, there is a graphic with the oxygen needed to play what you just played and how many calories you burned in your credit
-BanYa's Gun Rock is a remix of RAW from Exceed 2!
-Canon-D Full Mix's old steps are now Hard mode, with Crazy mode being brand new steps.
-Locked songs visible in the song select menu, but with a lock icon placed over it, making it unplayable until unlocked. There are MORE songs which are completely invisible, to be unlocked in the future.
-La Crema by Big Metra, which people believed was in the game, appears to NOT be there at all at first. It has been said that this song is the final unlock of the game.
-Despite looking horrendous in screenshots and video online, the interface actually looks really good, detailed, and polished in person, and has been getting great reviews from people seeing it in person.

-Let's Get the Party Started will NOT be returning.
-The Exceed SE songs will NOT be featured.
-Wuthering Heights, Witch Doctor, Too Late, All Famy, etc... no, they did not get new modes. They're still the same as in Zero.

More info to come!!! Special thanks to Blodiaspike, Art, and Raul for the song and game info!

Pump Haven :: Download Center beta test and NX K-Pop OSTs!
04:40 CST :: 11/12/2006

Thanks to an MSN conversation with Blodiaspike (which whom gets 100% credit for this info), we can now confirm that:

1) The default song in Pump NX is Witch Doctor #1, on Normal mode, with steps similar to a level 2 on the old scale.

2) Another Truth Another Freestyle is a brand new chart with a max combo of over 2000! It is the same chart as the regular Double steps, with the single steps now being holds and the doubles now being triples!


4) Wuthering Heights may not have new charts in Arcade station, but in World Tour station you'll be playing new Crazy and Nightmare charts for it.

5) Com'back also has a Double chart in World Tour.

6) Jump, J Bong, and All Famy are no longer playable songs in NX. They are all gone, along with the aforementioned songs (Free Style, Street Show Down, Hate, Pumping Up, My Way). The good news is these 8 songs are apparently the entirety of all the dropped songs in NX.

7) Free Style and Street Show Down may be dropped, but they make encores as playable songs in World Tour.

8) One of the missions has a 6x speed modifier, with all songs played at this speed. It is believed this speed modifier unlocks in Arcade station.

9) One of the missions contains arrows scrolling in "Star Wars"-esque scrolling style.

10) Yet another modifier is one where ALL arrows come up on the screen, including nonexistent arrows, and these nonexistent arrows disappear before reaching the top, revealing the correct steps.

11) At least two new arrow skins, with one being really colorful arrows and another being playing card arrows (not the same as previous card arrows).

12) There is a mission with Chimera Crazy where you pick up "potions" to help recover your life bar.

13) Chimera Normal has ~700 steps.

14) The song scroll wheel goes lightning fast. When holding it you'll scroll through the entirety of the channel in a mere 4-5 seconds.

15) As far as visible and locked songs, there are four OST songs (Lovely, U Inside My Dim Memory, BOTW2, LIADZ2) and seven remixes.

16) The Groove remix is Don't Bother Me remixed with Funky Tonight.

17) There is a new remix, behind a lock, confirmed to be a remix of Bee and Chimera. It's called... get ready for it... "BEMERA"!

18) The rumored evil remix with Witch Doctor and Will o' the Wisp also contains Extravaganza. The fourth song in the remix is a secret which may be revealed soon!

19) Missions go into EXTREME creativity, such as one mission with Le Code de Bonne Conduite where you have to hit exactly two mines and pass with an A, as well as another where Essa Maneira has three INVISIBLE steps which you must find and hit, while still getting an A.

20) Apparently, the OSTs are very long. They are original song cuts and NOT mere "extended versions". For example, the OST of Lovely (with Hard and Double playable) is clearly over 4 minutes long. So long that after you play it, the only other song in your credit you can choose is an Another.

21) Hi-Bi Another CZ and NM are freeze city. Kiss Me Another Nightmare is like the Crazy chart, but better, on two sides. Deja Vu Another Nightmare is similar to the old chart but with tons of BPM changes, triples, and quads. Lastly, Dr. M Another Crazy has a 5-arrow freeze!

Pump Haven :: The music of NX revealed! And the song list too!
02:25 CST :: 11/22/2006

Here at Pump Haven we are proud to bring you the original unedited versions of each of the K-Pop and Pop songs featured in PIU NX. This is the result of a long, hard effort by myself and blodiaspike, involving paying for K-Pop HQ streaming services, tracking insanely obscure stuff down online with the help of Korean friends, etc etc... it was hard work getting these, but a lot of fun. So now, I present to you (in 160kbps bitrate for all of them), the full versions of the songs from PIU NX!

The songs initially posted are all the ones we shared with PH Members (all of which have already leaked elsewhere, but with Pump Haven as the source). The remaining ones NOBODY has, and we'll be releasing them one day at a time, starting with Bust Back by DVS. Come back every other day for the next nine days to hear a new song! The last song, My Brother is Street Singer, is the most unbelievably ridiculous thing to ever hit a music game, and I am not making this up. You will not believe what you're hearing when you hear this. And before you ask (once you hear it), no, this is NOT a practical joke!

Please note that you need to be registered to see these, and to all the PH Members - yes, these files have been made free to download, at least for now! And yes! These downloads are for EVERYONE! Click the links to reach the file entries!

Yahpp - Arch of Darkness [BanYa/Yahpp]
Epik High - Fly [K-Pop]
N.Ex.T - For You [K-Pop]
Jiny - Free [K-Pop]
Dynamic Duo - Go Back [K-Pop]
B.E.G & Cho PD - Hold the Line [K-Pop]
Hyun Jin Young - Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go [K-Pop]
Jong Kook Kim - Lovely [K-Pop]
DJ DOC - One Night [K-Pop]
Apple Jam - Snow Dream [K-Pop]
Typhoon - So [K-Pop]
DJ Dookie - Hybs [Pop]
Gyfted - We Goin' Fly [Pop]

DVS - Bust Back [Pop]
Hyun Jin Young - U Inside My Dim Memory [BanYa/Yahpp]
May - Handsome Character That Pass [K-Pop]
Ururbu Project - Terminal Depository [K-Pop]
Hyang Lim Park - My Brother is Street Singer [BanYa/Yahpp]

You may notice the apparent profanity in Hybs and Bust Back, but don't fret. The vocals of these songs have been re-recorded for the Pump release, removing every instance of profanity from the game, without there being applied censors over the music. Every song in here represents the original untouched, unremixed version of the songs in NX. The Yahpp vs. [someone] songs are both exactly like this. These are the original tracks before Yahpp added extra effects and instruments to them. Regarding the Pop songs Throw 'Em Down and Sam-I-Am, we will soon have these available as well, but not at this time. However, the K-Pop collection is complete! Also, if you've downloaded any of these songs from here earlier on in lower quality, download them again. All songs are now in HQ.

Enjoy! Go ahead and link your friends to this news post. All they need to do is register to access these files.

Also... want the full song list of Pump It Up NX? Here's your song list. I've compiled it together. The final game has 192 songs. Please note this list has ~200 (not counting the World Tour-only songs) and a few of the songs (non-bold, non-italic) on this list are actually not in the game. I'll figure out which those are in a bit. All the bold and italic songs are absolutely in the game.

Bold = new song
Italics = revival

Yahpp - Arch of Darkness
Yahpp - Chimera
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-1
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-2
Yahpp - Witch Doctor #1
BanYa - Bullfighter's Song
BanYa - Do You Know That -Old School-
BanYa - 2006 Love Song
BanYa - Gun Rock
BanYa - Ugly Dee
Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp - U Inside My Dim Memory
Hyang Lim Park vs. Yahpp - My Brother is Street Singer
Yahpp - Fire [hidden]

BanYa - Moonlight
BanYa - Papa Gonzales
BanYa - Witch Doctor
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone 2
BanYa - Beat of the War 2
BanYa - Phantom
BanYa - Final Audition
BanYa - Extravaganza
BanYa - Final Audition 2
BanYa - Naissance
BanYa - Turkey March
BanYa - With My Lover
BanYa - She Likes Pizza
BanYa - Solitary
BanYa - Mr. Larpus
BanYa - N
BanYa - Rolling Christmas
BanYa - Beethoven Virus
BanYa - Dr. M
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone
BanYa - Point Break
BanYa - Winter
BanYa - Will o' the Wisp
BanYa - Vook
BanYa - Csikos Post
BanYa - Bee
BanYa - Beat of the War
BanYa - Come to Me
BanYa - Final Audition Episode 1
BanYa - Final Audition 3
BanYa - Naissance 2
BanYa - Monkey Fingers
BanYa - Blazing
BanYa - Pump Me Amadeus
BanYa - X-Treme
BanYa - Hi-Bi
BanYa - Canon-D
BanYa - Solitary 2

Cho PD & B.E.G - Hold the Line
Epik High - Fly
Dynamic Duo - Go Back
DJ DOC - One Night
N.Ex.T - For You
Jong Kook Kim - Lovely
Apple Jam - Snow Dream
Jiny - Free
Hyun Jin Young - Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go
Typhoon - So
Ururbu Project - Terminal Depository
May - Handsome Character That Pass

T.O - Footprints
Drunken Tiger - Emergency
Perry - Storm
Louis - Chung Hwa Ban Jeom
Turtles - What's Goin' On
Cho PD - My Friend
LazyBone - Do It Yourself
JTL - Enter the Dragon
Spooky Banana - Mr. Fire Fighter
Eugene - Wuthering Heights
Mina - Turn Around
Fin.K.L - Forever Love
Clon - Come To Me
Clon - Funky Tonight
Novasonic - Hatred
Novasonic - Another Truth
H.O.T - Fighting Spirits
Sechskies - Com'back
Sechskies - Mobius Strip
Tashannie - Don't Bother Me
Yu Seung Jun - Love Song
Deux - We Are
Novasonic - Run!
Novasonic - Slam
Diva - Perfect!
Duke - Starian
Honey Family - The Rap: Act 3
T.T.Ma - Loner
Crash - Dignity
OneTwo - Shake That Bootie
BoA* - Valenti
Crash - What Do You Really Want
U;Nee - Go
S'Max - One Love
BMK - Go Away
Eun Ji Won - Drunken In Melody
Lee Hyun Do - Sajahu
Lexy - Greenhorn
Som2 -  Deja Vu
Lee Hyun Do - Typhoon
Uhm Jung Hwa - Eternity
Y*Me - Huu Yah Yeah
Ha Ri Su - Foxy Lady
1TYM - Hot
Shyne - Too Late
WAX - I'll Give You All My Love
Asoto Union - We Don't Stop
Som2 - Pray
Deux - Come Back To Me
Crying Nut - Circus Magic
U'Two - Mistake (Guilty Conscience)
N.Ex.T - Lazenca, Save Us

DJ Dookie - Hybs
DVS - Bust Back
Andrew Kim - Throw 'Em Down
Haley - Sam-I-Am
Gyfted - We Goin' Fly (Remix)

Pandera - I Love You Baby
Cachy Huang - Up Up
Scoop feat. Joyce Lyle - Clap Your Hands
Queen Latin - Conga
Mozquito -  Eres Para Mi
Gans - Join the Party
Mozquito - Mexi Mexi
Debbie Scott - Kiss Me
Kaoma - Essa Maneira
Los Ninos de Sara - La Cubanita
Rod - Shake It Up
Victoria - Power of Dream
Victoria - Watch Out
El Cuba - Fiesta
General Grant - Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram
Manresa - Le Code De Bonne Conduite

Groove Party Remix (Funky Tonight, Don't Bother Me) [locked]
K-Pop Dance Remix (One Night, Fly) [locked]
Chicago Club Remix (Sam-I-Am, Bust Back, We Goin' Fly) [locked]
BanYa-P Classical Mix (Ugly Dee, Bullfighter's Song, Moonlight) [locked]
Pop House Remix (Ba Be Loo Be Ra, Clap Your Hands, Lay It Down) [locked]
Bemera Remix (Bee, Chimera) [locked]
Wi-Ex Doc-Va Remix (Witch Doctor, Extravaganza) [locked]

Novarash Remix
Lexy & 1TYM Remix
Treme-Vook of the War
BanYa Classic Remix
Deux Remix
Divas Remix
World Remix
Novasonic Remix
Turbo Remix
2nd Hidden Remix
Drunken Family Remix
BanYa Hip-Hop remix
Try to B.P.M - LIADZ
K-Hip-Hop Remix Vol. 1
K-House Remix Vol. 1

Crash - Dignity [Full Song]
BanYa - Canon-D [Full Song]
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone 2 [Full Song - locked]
BanYa - Beat of the War 2 [Full Song - locked]
Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp - U Inside My Dim Memory [Full Song - locked]
Jong Kook Kim - Lovely [Full Song - locked]
Cho PD & B.E.G - Hold the Line [Full Song - hidden]
Yahpp - Fire [Full Song - hidden]

BanYa - Free Style [World Tour only]
BanYa - Street Show Down [World Tour only]
Novasonic - Empire of the Sun [World Tour only]

BanYa - She Likes Pizza [another NM - locked]
BanYa - Hi-Bi [another NM - locked]
BanYa - Csikos Post [another NM - locked]
Crash - What Do You Really Want [another CZ, NM - locked]
BanYa - Phantom [another NM - locked]
BanYa - Dr. M [another CZ - locked]
H.O.T - Fighting Spirits [another CZ, NM - locked]
Debbie Scott - Kiss Me [another NM - locked]
Som2 - Deja Vu [another NM - locked]
Rod - Shake It Up [another NM - locked]
BanYa - Final Audition Episode 1 [another HD, CZ, NM - locked]
BanYa - Bee [another CZ - locked]
BanYa - Beethoven Virus [another CZ - locked]
N.Ex.T - For You [another FS - locked]
BanYa - Gun Rock [another CZ, NM - locked]
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-1 [another CZ - locked]
Yahpp - Final Audition Episode 2-2 [another HD, CZ - locked]
Yahpp - Chimera [another ?? - locked]

Novasonic - Another Truth [another FS, NM]
BanYa - Final Audition [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Extravaganza [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Final Audition 2 [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Mr. Larpus [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone [another CZ, FS, NM]
BanYa - Vook [another FS, NM]
Mozquito - Eres Para Mi [another FS]
Gans - Join the Party [another NM]
Mozquito - Mexi Mexi [another NM]
Crying Nut - Circus Magic [another NM]
BanYa - Final Audition 3 UF [another NM]
BanYa - Naissance 2 [another NM]
WAX - I'll Give You All My Love [another NM]
BanYa - Solitary 2 [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Witch Doctor [another CZ, NM]
BanYa - Love is a Danger Zone 2 [another HD, CZ, NM]
Cho PD - My Friend [another FS]
LazyBone - Do It Yourself [another NM]

The following Zero songs are no longer here: My Way, Pumping Up, Hate, Free Style, Street Show Down, Jump, J Bong, All Famy, U, and Empire of the Sun. However, Free Style, Street Show Down, and Empire of the Sun make encores in the World Tour station.