Pump Haven Pump It Up Master Song List 3

for Nexcade machines

by Turkeyslam and Tamashii

version 1.0 JS

For more details in some of the features in this Song List read the notes below at the end of the list.
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Title and Artist| Level on NX/New Xenesis (read note) Song Info
ID#ChannelSong TitleArtistBPMUnlockNormalHardCrazyFreestyleNightmareWorld TourSong TitleID#
103K-PopForever LoveFin.K.L1381132xForever Love103
108K-PopCome to Me Clon1371xCome to Me (Clon) 108
109K-PopFunky TonightClon10541241xFunky Tonight109
112K-PopAnother TruthNovasonic136351612xAnother Truth112
204BanYaFinal AuditionBanYa130.5371312xFinal Audition204
208K-PopFighting Spirits[#]H.O.T9825Fighting Spirits[#]208
213K-PopMobius StripSechskies106612614Mobius Strip213
301BanYaFinal Audition 2BanYa130.6810821xFinal Audition 2301
303BanYaTurkey MarchBanYa150712931xTurkey March303
304BanYaWith My LoverBanYa124310111xWith My Lover304
308BanYaFree StyleBanYa991xFree Style308
310BanYaShe Likes PizzaBanYa229.6711811xShe Likes Pizza310
312K-PopDon't Bother MeTashannie110361262xDon't Bother Me312
313K-PopLove SongYu Seung Jun11824104112xLove Song313
318K-PopWe AreDeux115.95136142xWe Are318
405BanYaMr. LarpusBanYa190410141421xMr. Larpus405
502BanYaNBanYa104 & 20825152xN502
503BanYaRolling ChristmasBanYa14245105131xRolling Christmas503
505BanYaBeethoven VirusBanYa1623713852xBeethoven Virus505
507K-PopCome Back to MeDeux116.425116131xCome Back to Me507
701BanYaDr. MBanYa1453711912xDr. M701
704BanYaLove is a Danger ZoneBanYa140364651xLove is a Danger Zone704
708BanYaPoint BreakBanYa9236961xPoint Break708
709BanYaStreet Show DownBanYa1241xStreet Show Down 709
712BanYaWill o' the WispBanYa210510131341xWill o' the Wisp712
736BanYaCsikos PostBanYa1804713811xCsikos Post736
805PopClap Your HandsScoop feat. Joyce Lyle1273610514Clap Your Hands805
806PopCongaQueen Latin1243614811xConga806
809PopEres Para MiMozquito12825138Eres Para Mi809
814PopJoin the PartyGans13136135142xJoin the Party814
818PopMexi MexiMozquito138471271xMexi Mexi818
820BanYaBeat of the WarBanYa186/140/ 20251011241xBeat of the War820
821K-PopEmpire of the SunNovasonic1181xEmpire of the Sun 821
826BanYaCome to MeBanYa100/107/ 10036116131xCome To Me (BanYa)826
902K-PopCircus MagicCrying Nutxxx.x or 14138149Circus Magic902
909K-PopGuilty Conscience/MistakeU'Two1101661xGuilty Conscience/Mistake909
919K-PopLazenca, Save UsN.EX.T85.12551xLazenca, Save Us919
922BanYaFinal Audition Episode 1BanYa189811162xFinal Audition Episode 1922
A01BanYaFinal Audition 3 U.FBanYa130.53614521xFinal Audition 3 U.FA01
A02BanYaNaissance 2BanYa1283613512xNaissance 2A02
A03BanYaMonkey FingersBanYa18637172Monkey FingersA03
A05BanYaPump Me AmadeusBanYa1704921041xPump Me AmadeusA05
A09K-PopShake That BootieOneTwo145361461Shake That BootieA09
A11K-PopWhat Do You Really Want?Crash1102951114What Do You Really Want? (Crash)A11
A14PopKiss MeDebbie Scott126151361Kiss MeA14
A15PopEssa ManeiraKaoma15037139141xEssa ManeiraA15
A17PopLa CubanitaLos NiŮos de Sara1204913101La CubanitaA17
A18PopShake it UpRod120491342xShake it UpA18
A19K-PopOne LoveS'Max982594101xOne LoveA19
A20PopPower of DreamVictoria1221714611xPower of DreamA20
A21PopWatch OutVictoria10936106121xWatch OutA21
A22PopFiestaEl Cuba1404711613FiestaA22
A23PopSoca Make Yuh Ram RamGeneral Grant10835105121xSoca Make Yuh Ram RamA23
B05K-PopDrunken In MelodyEun Ji Won94.3255Drunken In MelodyB05
B06K-PopDeja VuSom21153514614Deja VuB06
B08K-PopSajahuLee Hyun Do12635135141xSajahuB08
B09K-PopTyphoonLee Hyun Do11225105131xTyphoonB09
B11K-PopFoxy LadyHarisu1303512513Foxy LadyB11
B12K-PopToo LateShyne97.1345Too LateB12
B13K-PopI'll Give You All My LoveWAX164/82371731xI'll Give You All My LoveB13
B14K-PopHuu Yah YeahY*Me1103613613Huu Yah YeahB14
B15K-PopWe Don't StopAsoto Union1002510411We Don't StopB15
B16BanYaJ Bong BanYa1401xJ Bong B16
B18BanYaSolitary 2BanYa136362641xSolitary 2B18
B20PopLe Code de Bonne ConduiteManresa1714512812xLe Code de Bonne ConduiteB20
C01BanYaBeat of the War 2BanYa190/140/120/1604911144xBeat of the War 2C01
C03BanYaWitch DoctorBanYa195/390174xWitch DoctorC03
C04BanYaLove is a Danger Zone 2BanYa162616384xLove is a Danger Zone 2C04
C06BanYaPapa GonzalesBanYa145614731xPapa GonzalesC06
C08K-PopEmergencyDrunken Tiger11025125142xEmergencyC08
C09K-PopMy FriendCho PD12734125142xMy FriendC09
C10K-PopWuthering HeightsEugene1382433xWuthering HeightsC10
C11K-PopDo It YourselfLazyBone106/53613714Do It YourselfC11
C12K-PopWhat's Going On?Turtles130337581xWhat's Going On?C12
C14K-PopChung Hwa Ban JeomLouis149.51512312xChung Hwa Ban JeomC14
C15K-PopMr. Fire FighterSpooky Banana158/79/6322713811xMr. Fire FighterC15
C17K-PopOh My!Jang Yoon Jung1122410411Oh MyC17
C18K-PopEnter the DragonJTL1102514521xEnter the DragonC18
C20K-PopTurn AroundMina11324135141xTurn AroundC20
C21PopI Love You BabyPandera1003511513I Love You BabyC21
C22PopUp UpCachy Huang135/54034104112xUp UpC22
D01BanYaWitch Doctor #1Yahpp1223*7*14*5*4*2xWitch Doctor #1D01
D02BanYaArch of DarknessYahpp135.93*7*14*8*2*4xArch of DarknessD02
D04K-PopGo BackDynamic Duo1121*4*8*4*10*2xGo BackD04
D05K-PopFlyEpik High1283*5*14*4*1*4xFlyD05
D06K-PopOne NightDJ DOC1322*5*13*4*14*2xOne NightD06
D07K-PopU Inside My Dim MemoryHyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp1183*6*14*4*3*2xU Inside My Dim MemoryD07
D09K-PopLovelyKim Jong Kook1884*5*12*4*13*2xLovelyD09
D10K-PopTerminal DepositoryUrurbu Project100-1383*6*13*5*1*1xTerminal DepositoryD10
D11K-PopFor YouN.EX.T1601*5*14*5*5*2xFor YouD11
D12K-PopSnow DreamApple Jam1703*5*13*7*13*3xSnow DreamD12
D13K-PopHandsome Character That PassMay1251*4*3*3*1*1xHandsome Character That PassD13
D14BanYa2006 Love SongBanYa Production962*5*10*4*13*1x2006 Love SongD14
D15BanYaDo You Know That -Old School-BanYa Production1203*4*1*7*3*Do You Know That -Old School-D15
D16BanYaGun RockBanYa Production1042*8*3*6*7*2xGun RockD16
D17BanYaBullfighter's SongBanYa Production1684*9*1*6*5*Bullfighter's SongD17
D18BanYaUgly DeeBanYa Production921*4*13*5*14*Ugly DeeD18
D19K-PopHyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoHyun Jin Young1502*3*4*6*4*2xHyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoD19
D20K-PopMy Brother is Street SingerPark Hyang Lim vs. Yahpp1292*5*11*3*13*4xMy Brother is Street SingerD20
D22K-PopHold the LineCho PD & B.E.G.1262*4*12*4*14*3xHold the LineD22
D23PopHybsDJ Dookie1022*4*11*4*13*1xHybsD23
D24PopThrow 'Em UpAndrew Kim100.22*5*14*5*1*1xThrow 'Em UpD24
D25PopBust BackDVS943*6*12*5*13*2xBust BackD25
D27PopWe Goin' Fly RemixGyfted1124*5*14*6*4*1xWe Goin' Fly RemixD27
D28BanYaFinal Audition Episode 2-1Yahpp1703*7*5*9*7*2xFinal Audition Episode 2-1D28
D30BanYaFinal Audition Episode 2-2Yahpp200###7*1*6*3*???*3xFinal Audition Episode 2-2D30
D31SpecialK-Pop Dance [Remix]DJ DOC/Epik High132E-068*1*9*1*K-Pop Dance [Remix]D31
D32SpecialGroove Party [Remix]Tashannie/Clon105-110N-045*12*6*14*Groove Party [Remix]D32
D33SpecialPop House [Remix]Kristeen/Scoop/Fresno128-130.5A-058*14*1*Pop House [Remix]D33
D34SpecialWi-Ex-Doc-Va [Remix]Yahpp195S-161*6*2*8*1xWi-Ex-Doc-Va [Remix]D34
D35SpecialBemera [Remix]Yahpp210E-1614*7*3*???*Bemera [Remix]D35
D36SpecialBanYa-P Classic [Remix]BanYa Production92-190S-1511*4*13*5*BanYa-P Classic [Remix]D36
D37SpecialChicago Club [Remix]Haley/DVS/Gyfted112S-0510*1*11*2*1xChicago Club [Remix]D37
D38SpecialU Inside My Dim Memory [Full Song]Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp118A-098*14*9*1*U Inside My Dim Memory [Full Song]D38
D39SpecialFire [Full Song]Yahpp133E-143*(@)5*Fire [Full Song]D39
D40SpecialLovely [Full Song]Kim Jong Kook188N-095*(@)6*(@)Lovely [Full Song]D40
D41SpecialLove is a Danger Zone 2 [Full Song]Yahpp100-162S-09(@)3*(@)5*Love is a Danger Zone 2 [Full Song]D41
D42SpecialBeat of the War 2 [Full Song]Yahpp190*?E-09(@)5*6*Beat of the War 2 [Full Song]D42
D43SpecialHold the Line [Full Song]Cho PD & B.E.G.126S-127*1*8*3*Hold the Line [Full Song]D43
D90K-PopMy NameBoA***---------------My NameD90
D91K-PopLeft HandedPanic***---------------Left HandedD91
D92K-PopUp & DownDiva***---------------Up & DownD92
D93K-PopWhat Is ItShim Tae Yoon***---------------What Is ItD93
D94K-PopLater, LaterJang Yoon Jung***---------------Later, LaterD94
D112SpecialAnother Truth (Another) (2nd) Novasonic1363*7Another Truth (Another) (2nd)D112
D204SpecialFinal Audition(Another) (2nd)BanYa135/65.311Final Audition (Another) (2nd)D204
D205SpecialExtravaganza(Another) (2nd)BanYa195/97.5(@)64Extravaganza (Another) (2nd)D205
D208SpecialFighting Spirits (Another)[#]H.O.T98N-1113*1*Fighting Spirits (Another)[#]D208
D301SpecialFinal Audition 2(Another) (2nd)BanYa130.613Final Audition 2 (Another) (2nd)D301
D310SpecialShe Likes Pizza (Another)BanYa229.6N-154*She Likes Pizza (Another)D310
D405SpecialMr. Larpus(Another) (2nd)BanYa1906*68*Mr. Larpus (Another) (2nd)D405
D505SpecialBeethoven Virus (Another)BanYa162S-06(@)1*(@)Beethoven Virus (Another)D505
D701SpecialDr. M (Another)BanYa145E-081*Dr. M (Another)D701
D704SpecialLove is a Danger Zone(Another) (2nd)BanYa1401*8???Love is a Danger Zone (Another) (2nd)D704
D735SpecialVook(Another) (2nd)BanYa184/46/92(@)114Vook (Another) (2nd)D735
D736SpecialCsikos Post (Another)BanYa180A-072*Csikos Post (Another)D736
D802SpecialBee (Another)BanYa160N-163*8*???*Bee (Another)D802
D814SpecialJoin the Party(Another) (2nd)Gans1313Join the Party (Another) (2nd)D814
D818SpecialMexi Mexi(Another) (2nd)Mozquito1381Mexi Mexi (Another) (2nd)D818
D902SpecialCircus Magic(Another) (2nd) Crying Nutxxx.x/???1Circus Magic (Another) (2nd)D902
D922SpecialFinal Audition Episode 1 (Another)BanYa189A-119*(@)7*Final Audition Episode 1 (Another)D922
DA01SpecialFinal Audition 3 U.F(Another) (2nd)BanYa130.53Final Audition 3 U.F. (Another) (2nd)DA01
DA02SpecialNaissance 2(Another) (2nd)BanYa16/128/192/2564Naissance 2 (Another) (2nd)DA02
DA11SpecialWhat Do You Really Want? (Another) Crash110E-1012*5*What Do You Really Want? (Another)DA11
DA14SpecialKiss Me (Another)Debbie Scott 126E-04(@)1*Kiss Me (Another)DA14
DA18SpecialShake It Up (Another)ROD120E-131*4*Shake It Up (Another)DA18
DB06SpecialDeja Vu (Another)Som2115N-032*Deja Vu (Another)DB06
DB13SpecialI'll Give You All My Love(Another) (2nd)WAX1645I'll Give You All My Love (Another) (2nd)DB13
DB17SpecialHi-Bi (Another)BanYa145N-082*4*Hi-Bi (Another)DB17
DB18SpecialSolitary 2(Another) (2nd)BanYa136/68/272/54425Solitary 2 (Another) (2nd)DB18
DB26SpecialNSR #1: Novarash (2nd)Novasonic/Crash11881310NSR #1: Novarash (2nd)DB26
DB28SpecialNSR #3: Treme-Vook of the War (2nd)BanYa184.32/140/202123136NSR #3: Treme-Vook of the War (2nd)DB28
DB29SpecialNSR #4: BanYa Classic Remix (2nd)BanYa162.2114114NSR #4: BanYa Classic Remix (2nd)DB29
DB30SpecialNSR #5: Deux Remix (2nd)Deux119.57147NSR #5: Deux Remix (2nd)DB30
DB31SpecialNSR #6: Divas Remix (2nd)BoA*/Shyne/Y*Me1108119NSR #6: Divas Remix (2nd)DB31
DB51SpecialNSR #8: Dignity Full Remix (2nd)Crash19514416*NSR #8: Dignity Full Remix (2nd)DB51
DB53SpecialNSR #10: Turbo Remix (3rd)Turbo147.791111NSR #10: Turbo Remix (3rd)DB53
DB54SpecialNSR #11: 2nd Hidden Remix (3rd)Clon/Sechskies1401011122NSR #11: 2nd Hidden Remix (3rd)DB54
DB55SpecialNSR #12: Drunken Family Remix (3rd)Drunken Tiger/Honey Family95676NSR #12: Drunken Family Remix (3rd)DB55
DB56SpecialNSR #13: BanYa Hip-Hop Remix (3rd)BanYa99787NSR #13: BanYa Hip-Hop Remix (3rd)DB56
DB57SpecialNSR #14: Canon-D Full Mix (2nd)BanYa1601*2(@)NSR #14: Canon-D Full Mix (2nd)DB57
DC03SpecialWitch Doctor(Another) (2nd)BanYa195/97.557Witch Doctor (Another) (2nd)DC03
DC04SpecialLove is a Danger Zone 2(Another) (2nd)BanYa16213???Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Another) (2nd)DC04
DC05SpecialPhantom (Another)BanYa130N-143*Phantom (Another)DC05
DC09SpecialMy Friend(Another) (2nd)Cho PD1276My Friend (Another) (2nd)DC09
DC11SpecialDo It Yourself(Another) (2nd)LazyBone53/106/212/26.5/4242Do It Yourself (Another) (2nd)DC11
DC41SpecialNSR #15: Try to B.P.M - LIADZBanYa140-16914518Try to B.P.M - LIADZDC41
DC42SpecialNSR #16: K-Hip Hop Mix Vol. 1Perry/Drunken Tiger/JTL/Eun Ji Won1108147K-Hip-Hop Mix Vol. 1DC42
DC43SpecialNSR #17: K-House Mix Vol. 1Turtles/Cho PD/Harisu/Jang Yoon Jung1367136K-House Mix Vol. 1DC43
DD01SpecialWitch Doctor #1 (Another)[#]Yahpp1222#3#5#Witch Doctor #1 (Another)[#]DD01
DD03SpecialChimera (Another)Yahpp210S-1113*1*???*Chimera (Another)DD03
DD07SpecialU Inside My Dim Memory (Another)Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp 118S-025*U Inside My Dim Memory (Another)DD07
DD11SpecialFor You (Another)N.Ex.T.160A-0214*For You (Another)DD11
DD16SpecialGun Rock (Another)BanYa Production 104A-142*3*Gun Rock (Another)DD16
DD28SpecialFinal Audition Episode 2-1 (Another) Yahpp170A-125*6*Final Audition Episode 2-1 (Another)DD28
DD30SpecialFinal Audition Episode 2-2 (Another) Yahpp200A-156*3*???*Final Audition Episode 2-2 (Another) DD30
ID#ChannelSong TitleArtistBPMUnlockNormalHardCrazyFreestyleNightmareWorld TourSong TitleID#
Title and Artist | Levels (read notes) Song Info

ABOUT LEVELLING: The levels in NX are shown using symbols (either a set of stars or skulls), instead of actual numbers. This symbol system is a bit inaccurate to make a conversion into level numbers (as used in previous PIU versions). We indicate if a song level is shown in stars () or in skulls () on the machine. However, in the machine can be shown full, halved or empty. For this list, half star equals a level point (a full star then equals 2 level points). The machine shows up to 7 full stars, therefore level points can rise up to 14. Level 1 to 14 follow Exceed/Zero scale. represent harder steps than those rated with stars, but they only raise up to 8. Skull scale has no correlation to old level scales.
Some songs in the machine are shown using question marks. Those are impossible to play or are 2 player songs. We represent such songs in the list by using ??? (3 question marks).
We write a Ö symbol whenever we don't know which level number or stepchart a specific song have. A blank is an assurance that there is no stepchart in that specific song and difficulty.

UNLOCK COLUMN: When a song has an value in this column, that specific song is shown hidden or locked on a recently installed NX machine. Those songs unlock from time to time or by using the World Tour feature. The Unlock column shows which World Tour mission has to be passed to unlock certain song.
###: To unlock Final Audition Episode 2-2, you must accumulate 200 plays of Final Audition Episode 2-1 in Arcade station.

CANCELLED SONGS: Before the official release, Andamiro decided to pull some songs off the game. Those songs are marked with "---" in the song levels.

WORLD TOUR ONLY SONGS: If in the song levels, instead of having numbers, a song shows blanks, this song is World Tour Only.

SONG LEVELS WITH ASTERISK: If a song has an asterisk after one specific level number, that means that the stepchart on that level is a brand new one in NX in relation to older PIU versions.

SONG LEVELS OR NAMES WITH A SHARP (#) SIGN/SONG CHANGES INVOLVING NX VERSION 1.08 AND UP: The songs Fighting Spirits, Fighting Spirits (Another), and Valenti are removed in NX machines with the software version 1.08 or later. 1.08+ machines instead have new charts for Witch Doctor #1 (Another).

SONG LEVELS WITH AN AT (@) SIGN: Those song levels are hidden from normal Special Station selection, but by using a special trick, their steps become playable. Some are incomplete steps, some others are just like other steps with minor changes, while others are totally brand new. These modes are hidden and originally not meant to be playable, but due to a loophole, these modes are playable by forcing the machine to play an unlisted mode for the song. While most songs have emptiness in the missing modes, these songs have step content. To be able to play them, choose the mode you want to play on the song to the side of your song, and right before the counter hits zero, switch over to the song. Please note that the only songs with brand new and original charts are Vook A-FS, Final Audition Episode 1 A-FS, Lovely Full CZ/NM and Canon-D Full NM.

WORLD TOUR COLUMN: If a song has an appearance in one or more World Tour missions, it will be indicated by a bullet point in this column. The number in the right shows how many appearances of the song in different World Tour missions there are.

NX Training Station Master Lesson List

Lesson Title Description Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
1Practice the location of the footholds Press the foothold to the musicDonít Bother MeGo BackFly
2Left/right practicePress the arrow popping up to the left, rightValentiFunky TonightEnter the Dragon
3Up/down practicePress the red or blue arrow popping up from the bottomDrunken In MelodyHold The LineFunky Tonight
4Diagonal stepPress according to the arrow popping up diagonally from the left/rightHotLa CubanitaFinal Audition
5Long knotKeep the step as long as the length of the arrowUgly DeeDrunken In MelodyCanon-D
6Synchronous stepPress two arrows at the same time with your two feetRolling ChristmasAnother TruthI'll Give You All My Love
7Synchronous step + long knotKeep the step as long as the length of the arrows with both feetKiss MeDrunken In MelodyFly
8Application no. 1It's time to try all the lessons that you have practicedValentiOne NightEnter The Dragon
9Long knot + stepStep the long knot with one foot and press the arrow with another footDonít Bother MeUgly DeeCanon-D
10Press several arrows concurrentlyPress two or three arrows at the same timeHotFlyAnother Truth
11TurningPress the arrow by turning the body to the left/rightDonít Bother MeRolling ChristmasWinter
12Pressing the arrows to the beat on and on *NONE* [this is stream/no-pause practice]Go BackOne NightCsikos Post
13OffbeatPress the arrow to the offbeat or half beatLa CubanitaHold The LineFinal Audition
14Waist turnPress the arrow by turning the body 90 degrees to the left/rightGo BackEnter The DragonCsikos Post
15Application no. 2It's time to try all the lessons that you have practicedUgly DeeHotOne Night
16Quick BPMPress the arrow to the quick beatCanon-DCsikos PostWinter
17 (D)Half doublePress the arrow with 6 at the centerKiss MeAnother TruthLa Cubanita
18 (D)Climbing stairsStepping from the both ends to the opposite side without pauseRolling ChristmasHold The LineFinal Audition
19 (D)Double mode waist turnPress the arrow turning a waist more that the lesson no. 14Kiss MeI'll Give You All My LoveWinter
20 (D)Comprehensive applicationIt's time to try all the motions that you have learnedFunky TonightValentiI'll Give You All My Love


LESSONS WITH (D): Those lesson steps are in Double.

NX World Tour Master Mission List

City No.City Name Song 1 Song 2 Song 3


A-01SeoulForever Love (Normal)Oh My (Normal)Lovely (Hard)
A-02Hanoi Beat of the War 2 (Hard)Final Audition Episode 2-1 (Hard)Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Hard)
A-03Tokyo Snow Dream (Hard)Fly (Hard)Lovely (Hard)
A-04Hong Kong One Night (Freestyle)Fire (Freestyle)Don't Bother Me (Freestyle)
A-05Beijing Winter (Crazy)Beethoven Virus (Crazy)Bee (Crazy)
A-06Taipei So (Crazy)Watch Out (Crazy)Emergency (Crazy)
A-07Kuala Lumpur Hybs (Freestyle) Chicago Club [Remix] (Freestyle)
A-08Singapore With My Lover (Nightmare)Emergency (Nightmare)One Night (Nightmare)
A-09Jakarta Chung Hwa Ban Jeom (Crazy)Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go (Crazy)Naissance 2 (Nightmare)
A-10Bangkok Fly (Crazy)Love Song (Crazy)U Inside My Dim Memory (Freestyle)
A-11Pyongyang Valenti (Crazy)Shake It Up (Crazy)Valenti (Nightmare)
A-12Baghdad Turkey March (Nightmare)Dr. M (Nightmare)Pump Me Amadeus (Nightmare)
A-13New Delhi Random Song (Nightmare)Random Song (Nightmare)Random Song (Nightmare)
A-14Kang2 Go Back (Crazy)We Goin' Fly Remix (Nightmare)Arch of Darkness (Nightmare)
A-15Yasangma Arch of Darkness (Freestyle)Witch Doctor #1 (Freestyle)Final Audition (Freestyle)
A-16J.K.D. Beat of the War (Nightmare)Beat of the War 2 (Nightmare)Beat of the War 2 [Metal Version] (Nightmare)


N-01Mexico City Turn Around (Normal)Greenhorn (Normal)Snow Dream (Hard)
N-02Guatemala Funky Tonight (Hard)We Are (Hard)Hold the Line (2p FS)
N-03San Salvador Free Style (Freestyle)N (Freestyle)Witch Doctor #1 (Freestyle)
N-04Washington Arch of Darkness (2p FS)Naissance (2p FS)Naissance 2 (Freestyle)
N-05Ottawa Csikos Post (Crazy)Chimera (Original CZ)Dr. M (Crazy)
N-06Waikiki Final Audition (Crazy)Final Audition 2 (Crazy)Final Audition 3 U.F (Crazy)
N-07Cancun Wuthering Heights (Crazy)Terminal Depository (Crazy)My Brother is Street Singer (Crazy)
N-08San Jose Typhoon (Nightmare)Wuthering Heights (Nightmare)Storm (Nightmare)
N-09Havana Street Show Down (Freestyle)X-Treme (Freestyle)Witch Doctor (Freestyle)
N-10Kingston Com'back (Freestyle)Go Back (Freestyle)Bust Back (Freestyle)
N-11Santo Domingo Handsome Character That Pass (Crazy)Fly (Freestyle)For You (Nightmare)
N-12Managua Up Up (Nightmare)Mexi Mexi (Nightmare)U (Nightmare)
N-13Panama City U (Nightmare)N (Freestyle)Bee (Nightmare)
N-14C.H Twenty Four Moonlight (Freestyle)Donít Bother Me (Nightmare)Beethoven Virus (Freestyle)
N-15Over Death X-Treme (Crazy)Bee (Crazy)Canon-D (Freestyle)
N-16MS Goon Final Audition Episode 2-1 (Nightmare)Final Audition Episode 1 (Nightmare)Final Audition Episode 2-1 (Nightmare)


S-01Brasilia My Friend (Normal)What's Going On (Normal)So (Normal)
S-02Buenos Aires Another Truth (Hard)For You (Hard)Com'back (Hard)
S-03Santiago My Friend (Freestyle)Sajahu (Freestyle)Storm (Freestyle)
S-04Lima Rolling Christmas (Freestyle)Snow Dream (Freestyle)Winter (Freestyle)
S-05La Paz Point Break (Nightmare)Papa Gonzales (Nightmare)Phantom (Nightmare)
S-06Quito Footprints (Crazy)Free! (Crazy)Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young Go (Nightmare)
S-07Caracas Fire (Nightmare)Hot (Nightmare)Mr. Fire Fighter (Nightmare)
S-08Montevideo Come to Me - Clon (Nightmare)Come Back to Me (Nightmare)Com'back (Nightmare)
S-09Bogota Enter the Dragon (Nightmare)Join the Party (Nightmare)Gun Rock (Nightmare)
S-10Valencia She Likes Pizza (Crazy)Will o' the Wisp (groove/wild Division)Mr. Larpus (Normal)
S-11Asuncion Witch Doctor (Crazy) Wi-Ex-Doc-Va [Remix] (Crazy)
S-12George Town Empire of the Sun (Nightmare)Hatred (Nightmare)Run! (Nightmare)
S-13Sucre We Are (Nightmare)Fire (Nightmare)Wuthering Heights (Nightmare)
S-14Rune Hold the Line (Nightmare)U Inside My Dim Memory (Nightmare)X-Treme (Nightmare)
S-15Wing J Bong (Nightmare)Hi-Bi (Nightmare)Vook (Nightmare)
S-16B.P.M Love is a Danger Zone (Nightmare)Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Nightmare)Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Nightmare)


E-01Madrid Arch of Darkness (Normal)Solitary (Hard)Solitary 2 (Hard)
E-02London Soca Make Yuh Ram Ram (Hard)Bust Back (Hard)Le Code de Bonne Conduite (Hard)
E-03Rome Chung Hwa Ban Jeom (Freestyle)Hold the Line (Freestyle)Fly (Freestyle)
E-04Berlin 2006 Love Song (Freestyle)Love Song (Freestyle)Conga (Nightmare)
E-05Moscow Le Code de Bonne Conduite (Crazy)Essa Maneira (Crazy)Power of Dream (Crazy)
E-06Paris Witch Doctor #1 (Crazy)Dignity (Crazy)Chimera (Crazy)
E-07Athens Loner (Nightmare)Lazenca Save Us (Nightmare)Mistake (Nightmare)
E-08Bern Beat of the War 2 (Hard)Final Audition Episode 2-2 (Hard)Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Hard)
E-09Warsaw One Love (Nightmare)Forever Love (Original NM)I'll Give You All My Love (Original NM)
E-10Amsterdam Up Up (Crazy)Throw 'em Up (Crazy)Shake it Up (Crazy)
E-11Brussels Random Song (Nightmare)Random Song (Nightmare)Random Song (Nightmare)
E-12Copenhagen Random Song (Crazy)Random Song (Crazy)Random Song (Crazy)
E-13Prague My Brother is Street Singer (Freestyle)My Brother is Street Singer (Freestyle)My Brother is Street Singer (Freestyle)
E-14Ahgoo Come to Me - BanYa (Nightmare)Another Truth (Crazy)Join the Party (Crazy)
E-15Ehne Extravaganza (Nightmare)Witch Doctor (Nightmare)Final Audition Episode 1 (Nightmare)
E-16Yahpp Chimera (Nightmare)Final Audition Episode 2-2 (Nightmare)Dignity (Nightmare)
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