Pump Haven's PIU Master Song List 4

for Next Xenesis (NX2) and NX Absolute

by Turkeyslam
Version 1.1 JS-P

Edited by Tamashii

Pump Haven's PIU Master Song List 4
[for Next Xenesis (NX2) and NX Absolute]

by Turkeyslam / Edited by Tamashii / Version 1.0 JS-P

E - Easy Station (NXA only)
N - Normal
H - Hard
C - Crazy
FS - Free Style
NM - Nightmare
E - Easy Station (NXA only) / N - Normal / H - Hard / C - Crazy / FS - Free Style / NM - Nightmare
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For more details in some of the features in this Song List read the notes at the end of the list.

Title and ArtistNext Xenesis (NX2)NX AbsoluteSpecial Game ModesSong Info
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMENHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
103K-PopForever LoveFin.K.L138   113E1113Forever Love103
109K-PopFunky TonightClon105   4124E64124Funky Tonight109
111-K-PopHatredNovasonic136 WorldMax (NX2) Hatred111
112K-PopAnother TruthNovasonic136   35156164515616• MathAnother Truth112
202-PIU OriginalHateBanYa90.4 WorldMax (NXA) Hate202
204PIU OriginalFinal AuditionBanYa130.5   37153163717317• Mem.Final Audition204
205PIU OriginalExtravaganzaBanYa195   1012131810111217Extravaganza205
212K-PopCom'backSechskies158   6151661516• MathCom'back212
301PIU OriginalFinal Audition 2BanYa130.6   810817810817• Obs.Final Audition 2301
302PIU OriginalNaissanceBanYa135.5   711714710715Naissance302
303PIU OriginalTurkey MarchBanYa150   712918712919• Obs.Turkey March303
304--PIU OriginalWith My LoverBanYa124 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) With My Lover304
305-PIU OriginalAn Interesting ViewBanYa160 WorldMax (NXA beta v.) -An Interesting View305
306-PIU OriginalNightmareBanYa80 WorldMax (NXA) Nightmare306
307-PIU OriginalClose Your EyesBanYa105 WorldMax (NXA beta v.) -Close Your Eyes307
308--PIU OriginalFree StyleBanYa99 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) Free Style308
309-PIU OriginalMidnight BlueBanYa80 WorldMax (NXA beta v.) -Midnight Blue309
310PIU OriginalShe Likes PizzaBanYa229.6   71181689916• Obs.She Likes Pizza310
311-PIU OriginalPumping UpBanYa135 WorldMax,
Easy Station,
Brain Shower (NXA)
• Mem.Pumping Up311
312K-PopDon't Bother MeTashannie110   36126E426106• Mem.Don't Bother Me312
313K-PopLove SongYoo Seung Jun118 Easy Station (NXA beta v.) -Love Song313
318K-PopWe AreDeux115.9   513614E7512613We Are318
401-PIU OriginalOh! RosaBanYa148 WorldMax,
Brain Shower (NXA)
• Mem.Oh! Rosa401
402-PIU OriginalFirst LoveBanYa104 WorldMax (NXA) First Love402
404PIU OriginalSolitaryBanYa136   359716369716Solitary404
405PIU OriginalMr. LarpusBanYa190   411141417511141417Mr. Larpus405
501-PIU OriginalPump JumpBanYa106 WorldMax (NXA) Pump Jump501
502PIU OriginalNBanYa104/208   2516525165N502
503--PIU OriginalRolling ChristmasBanYa142 Training Station (NX2)
Easy Station,
WorldMax (NXA)
E5Rolling Christmas503
504-PIU OriginalAll I Want For X-MasBanYa130 WorldMax (NXA) All I Want For X-Mas504
505PIU OriginalBeethoven VirusBanYa162   3713820E44713820• MathBeethoven Virus505
507K-PopCome Back to MeDeux116.4   2511613E52511613• Mem.Come Back to Me507
516K-PopSlamNovasonic131.99   36186203617620Slam516
701PIU OriginalDr. MBanYa145   3711916E447121116• MathDr. M701
704PIU OriginalLove is a Danger ZoneBanYa140   35196204719620• Mem.Love is a Danger Zone704
705-PIU OriginalMariaBanYa136 WorldMax (NXA) Maria705
706--PIU OriginalMission PossibleBanYa124 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) Mission Possible706
707-PIU OriginalMy WayBanYa118 WorldMax (NXA) My Way707
708PIU OriginalPoint BreakBanYa92   369613E4369613• Mem.Point Break708
709-PIU OriginalStreet Show DownBanYa124 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
478613Street Show Down709
711PIU OriginalWinterBanYa168   49141019E848151119• Mem.Winter711
712PIU OriginalWill o' the WispBanYa210   510131319510131319• MathWill o' the Wisp712
713-PIU OriginalTill The End of TimeBanYa140 WorldMax (NXA) Till The End of Time713
714-PIU OriginalOy Oy OyBanYa148 WorldMax (NXA) Oy Oy Oy714
715-PIU OriginalWe Will Meet AgainBanYa118 WorldMax (NXA) We Will Meet Again715
716-PIU OriginalMiss's StoryBanYa111 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
35123Miss's Story716
718-PIU OriginalDance With MeBanYa122 WorldMax (NXA) Dance With Me718
735PIU OriginalVookBanYa184   481461859151718• MathVook735
736--PIU OriginalCsikos PostBanYa180 Training Station (NX2)
Easy Station,
Brain Shower (NXA)
E6• Mem.Csikos Post736
802PIU OriginalBeeBanYa160   38151121E6411151121• Mem.Bee802
807-PIU OriginalD GangBanYa150 WorldMax (NXA) D Gang807
811-PIU OriginalHelloBanYa140 WorldMax (NXA) Hello811
820-PIU OriginalBeat of the WarBanYa186/140/202 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
510151219Beat of the War820
826PIU OriginalCome to MeBanYa100/107/100   36116133611613Come to Me826
902K-PopCircus MagicCrying Nut141   38149Circus Magic902
906K-PopStarianDuke134.9   71397139• MathStarian906
909K-PopMistakeU'Two110   16613E316612Mistake909
911-PIU OriginalChicken WingBanYa200 WorldMax (NXA) Chicken Wing911
919K-PopLazenca, Save UsN.Ex.T85.1   255E4365Lazenca, Save Us919
922PIU OriginalFinal Audition Episode 1BanYa189   81511218151121Final Audition Episode 1922
A01PIU OriginalFinal Audition 3 U.FBanYa130.5   36145173614517• MathFinal Audition 3 U.FA01
A02PIU OriginalNaissance 2BanYa128   36135153613515Naissance 2A02
A03PIU OriginalMonkey FingersBanYa186   37157175815717Monkey FingersA03
A04--PIU OriginalBlazingBanYa157 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) BlazingA04
A05--PIU OriginalPump Me AmadeusBanYa170 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) Pump Me AmadeusA05
A06PIU OriginalX-TremeBanYa162   47149195914919X-TremeA06
A07PIU OriginalGet Up!BanYa180   4715718Get Up!A07
A08K-PopDignityCrash195   411201523512201323DignityA08
A11K-PopWhat Do You Really Want?Crash110   2920111439191116What Do You Really Want?A11
A12K-PopGoU;nee138   36123133712313GoA12
A14-PopKiss MeDebbie Scott126 Training Station (NX2) Kiss MeA14
A15PopEssa ManeiraKaoma150   3713914Essa ManeiraA15
A17PopLa CubanitaLos Ni˝os de Sara120   49131016La CubanitaA17
A18PopShake it UpROD120   4915319Shake it UpA18
A20PopPower of DreamVictoria122   1714615Power of DreamA20
A21PopWatch OutVictoria109   3610612Watch OutA21
A23PopSoca Make Yuh Ram RamGeneral Grant108   3510512Soca Make Yuh Ram RamA23
B01K-PopGreenhornLexy109   2413515E22413513• Mem.GreenhornB01
B02K-PopHot1TYM98   2511412E52510412HotB02
B03K-PopPraySom2122   249411PrayB03
B05K-PopDrunken in MelodyEun Ji Won94.3   255E3355Drunken in MelodyB05
B06K-PopDeja VuSom2115   35146143613613Deja VuB06
B08K-PopSajahuLee Hyun Do126   3513514E63513514SajahuB08
B09K-PopTyphoonLee Hyun Do112 No exclusivity (NX2)
[Full Song only] (NXA)
B13K-PopI'll Give You All My LoveWAX164/82   3716718E43716718• MathI'll Give You All My LoveB13
B16-PIU OriginalJ BongBanYa140 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
5713517J BongB16
B17PIU OriginalHi-BiBanYa145   48148183815818• Obs.Hi-BiB17
B18PIU OriginalSolitary 2BanYa136   36176193617618Solitary 2B18
B19PIU OriginalCanon-DBanYa160   3520922E546201022• MathCanon-DB19
B20PopLe Code de Bonne ConduiteManresa171   4512815Le Code de Bonne ConduiteB20
C01PIU OriginalBeat of the War 2BanYa190/140/120/160   49161119510161219Beat of the War 2C01
C02PIU OriginalMoonlightBanYa180/45/90   819112110191121MoonlightC02
C03PIU OriginalWitch DoctorBanYa195/390   17231623Witch DoctorC03
C04PIU OriginalLove is a Danger Zone 2BanYa162   615211823715211723• Obs.Love is a Danger Zone 2C04
C05PIU OriginalPhantomBanYa136/34   10187191218719PhantomC05
C06--PIU OriginalPapa GonzalesBanYa145 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) Papa GonzalesC06
C07--PIU OriginalJumpBanYa96 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) JumpC07
C08K-PopEmergencyDrunken Tiger110   2512514EmergencyC08
C09K-PopMy FriendCho PD127   3412514My FriendC09
C10K-PopWuthering HeightsEugene138   243Wuthering HeightsC10
C11K-PopDo it YourselfLazyBone106/53   613714Do it YourselfC11
C12K-PopWhat's Going OnTurtles130   33758What's Going OnC12
C14K-PopChung Hwa Ban JeomLouis149.5   1512315Chung Hwa Ban JeomC14
C15K-PopMr. Fire FighterSpooky Banana158/79/632   27138152713815Mr. Fire FighterC15
C16K-PopFootprintsT.O135   511511FootprintsC16
C17K-PopOh My!Jang Yoon Jung112   2410411Oh My!C17
C18K-PopEnter the DragonJTL110   2514517E72514517Enter the DragonC18
C19K-PopStormPerry96   25124133512413StormC19
C20K-PopTurn AroundMina113   2413514Turn AroundC20
D01PIU OriginalWitch Doctor #1Yahpp122   37145193714519• Obs.Witch Doctor #1D01
D02PIU OriginalArch of DarknessYahpp135.9   37144173714416• Mem.Arch of DarknessD02
D03PIU OriginalChimeraYahpp210   8172320257162321??• MathChimeraD03
D04K-PopGo BackDynamic Duo112   149410Go BackD04
D05K-PopFlyEpik High128   3514416FlyD05
D06K-PopOne NightDJ DOC132   2513414E32513414• Obs.One NightD06
D07K-PopU Inside My Dim MemoryHyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp118 No exclusivity (NX2)
Beta version (NXA)
3614418-U Inside My Dim MemoryD07
D08K-PopFree!Jiny174.6   4715818Free!D08
D09K-PopLovelyKim Jong Kook188   4512413LovelyD09
D10K-PopTerminal DepositoryUrurbu Project100/138   3613516Terminal DepositoryD10
D11K-PopFor YouN.Ex.T160   1514520For YouD11
D12K-PopSnow DreamApple Jam170   3513713Snow DreamD12
D13K-PopHandsome Character That PassMay125   2418315Handsome Character That PassD13
D15-PIU OriginalDo You Know That -Old School-BanYa Production120 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
3415718Do You Know That -Old School-D15
D16--PIU OriginalGun RockBanYa Production104 WorldMax (NX2, NXA) Gun RockD16
D17-PIU OriginalBullfighter's SongBanYa Production168 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
4816620Bullfighter's SongD17
D18--PIU OriginalUgly DeeBanYa Production92 Training Station (NX2)
WorldMax (NX2, NXA)
E4Ugly DeeD18
D19K-PopHyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoHyun Jin Young150   3619620Hyun Jin Young Go Jin Young GoD19
D20K-PopMy Brother is Street SingerPark Hyang Lim vs. Yahpp129   2511313My Brother is Street SingerD20
D21-K-PopSoTyphoon138 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
D22K-PopHold the LineCho PD & B.E.G126   2412414Hold the LineD22
D23PopHybsDJ Dookie102   24114132411413HybsD23
D24PopThrow 'em UpAndrew Kim100.2 No exclusivity (NX2)
Version 1.06
and older (NXA)
2514515Throw 'em UpD24
D25-PopBust BackDVS94 WorldMax (NX2) Bust BackD25
D26PopHaleySam-I-Am112   249411249411HaleyD26
D27PopWe Goin' Fly RemixGyfted112   45146193515619We Goin' Fly RemixD27
D28PIU OriginalFinal Audition Episode 2-1Yahpp170   37209223720922• MathFinal Audition Episode 2-1D28
D29-PIU OriginalFireYahpp136 WorldMax (NX2) FireD29
D30PIU OriginalFinal Audition Episode 2-2Yahpp200   716221824716221824Final Audition Episode 2-2D30
E01PIU OriginalSolitary 1.5Yahpp136   37166184716618Solitary 1.5E01
E02-PIU OriginalBeat the GhostBanYa Production124 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
3918720Beat the GhostE02
E03PIU OriginalCaprice of OtadaBanYa Production160   381791938171018• Obs.Caprice of OtadaE03
E04-PIU OriginalMoneyBanYa Production130 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
E05-PIU OriginalMonkey Fingers 2BanYa Production180 WorldMax (NX2, NXA)
Brain Shower (NXA)
4817719• Mem.Monkey Fingers 2E05
E06K-PopNice to Meet YouBae Chi Gi117   25145142514514Nice to Meet YouE06
E07K-PopVery Old Couples015B121   36136152613615• Mem.Very Old CouplesE07
E08K-PopGet My Phone CallMina113   1513514E31513514Get My Phone CallE08
E09K-PopShiny DayJoanne106   3513414E43513414Shiny DayE09
E10K-PopA.U Ready?Gil Gun94   25105121510512A.U Ready?E10
E11K-PopV.I.PBada112   35115133511515V.I.PE11
E12PIU OriginalFaster ZBanYa Production162   411201525412191420Faster ZE12
E13PIU OriginalPumptris QuattroYahpp153   3820142537191320• MathPumptris QuattroE13
E14K-PopIt's My BusinessTaiji Boys200   310201321311201321• MathIt's My BusinessE14
E15K-PopYou Fall in MeNo Brain152   2617816E92616816• Mem.You Fall in MeE15
E16K-PopA MaelstromPia102   35165182516519A MaelstromE16
E17K-PopAstral SongCrying Nut??? (~190)   49159173715817Astral SongE17
E18K-PopNo DespairHot Potato160   16188202619821• Obs.No DespairE18
E19K-PopCompunctionMay133   2616417E42616417• Obs.CompunctionE19
E20K-PopBeat # No. 4HEaDTriP121   26165172615517Beat # No. 4E20
E21K-PopCome Back HomeTaiji Boys93   144E5144• Mem.Come Back HomeE21
E22K-PopFeel the SoulSeo Taiji93.54   39184202717418• MathFeel the SoulE22
E23-PIU OriginalGuitar ManBanYa Production120 No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
3712713Guitar ManE23
E24PIU OriginalHiggledy PiggledyBanYa Production150   27158171614815• Mem.Higgledy PiggledyE24
E25PIU OriginalJam O BeatBanYa Production120   3715616E52714614• Obs.Jam O BeatE25
E26PopChopstixSonic Dimension134   35142162513215ChopstixE26
E27PopDance All NightOscillator X140   36116132513215• Obs.Dance All NightE27
E28PopDance VibrationsElpis130   2610615E51510615Dance VibrationsE28
E29PopEnergizerZiGZaG151.5   3916101729161117EnergizerE29
E30PopGroovin' MotionSonic Dimension130.02   3612612369611Groovin' MotionE30
E31-K-PopTell MeWonder Girls127 Korean version (NX2)
No exclusivity (NXA)
25145161512514Tell MeE31
E92--PopFist of FuryLuo Zi Xiang92 Chinese version (NX2)
Easy Station (NXA)
1611415E5Fist of FuryE92
E93--PopLong Live the ChineseWang Lee Hom140 Chinese version (NX2)
Easy Station (NXA)
2610415E6Long Live the ChineseE93
E94-PopFireKaren Mok125 Chinese version (NX2) 2611314FireE94
E95-PopWild GameJolin Tsai139 Chinese version (NX2) 3613415Wild GameE95
E96-PopOne Last ChanceENERGY100 Chinese version (NX2) 1411310One Last ChanceE96
E97-PopMechanical DollLuo Zi Xiang106 Chinese version (NX2) 4410411Mechanical DollE97
E99-PopTake It OffAlex132 Chinese version (NX2) 3610417Take It OffE99
F01PIU OriginalBlaze EmotionYahpp170   E327171018• Obs.Blaze EmotionF01
F02PIU OriginalCannon X.1Yahpp185   310201323• MathCannon X.1F02
F03PIU OriginalChopsticks ChallengeYahpp128   1617316• Obs.Chopsticks ChallengeF03
F04K-PopLaLaLaBig Bang102   2510513• Mem.LaLaLaF04
F05K-PopAdiosEun Ji Won123   2614416• MathAdiosF05
F06K-PopSlightly45RPM120   1414512• Obs.SlightlyF06
F07K-PopI Am Your GirlS.E.S101.814   E42512610I Am Your GirlF07
F08K-PopOnly YouNamolla Family108   E43612313Only YouF08
F09K-PopChocolateBanana Girl130   E625939ChocolateF09
F10PopForwardDJ Missill97/194   2513513ForwardF10
F11PopUprockSam-I-Am120   2517414• Mem.UprockF11
F12PopCrazyGyfted108.095   E62515619• Obs.CrazyF12
F13PopPa˝uelito RojoBig Metra98/196   E51510418• Obs.Pa˝uelito RojoF13
F14PopProcedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun AcuerdoPxndx160   E53715716• MathProcedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun AcuerdoF14
F15PopDigan Lo Que DiganNina Pilots162   E63616813• Obs.Digan Lo Que DiganF15
F16PopPump BreakersTico120/240   2517415• MathPump BreakersF16
F17PopChange MyselfWang Lee Hom104   151059Change MyselfF17
F18K-PopCome On!Lee Jeong Hyun140   E5251249Come On!F18
F19K-PopBad CharacterJang Na Ra100   1610311Bad CharacterF19
F20K-PopUSuper Junior M115   E52614513UF20
F21K-PopBreakin' LoveYoo Seung Jun102   2612414Breakin' LoveF21
F22PIU OriginalThe People Didn't KnowBanYa Production134   2515717• Mem.The People Didn't KnowF22
F23PIU OriginalDJ OtadaBanYa Production180   48191422• Obs.DJ OtadaF23
F24PIU OriginalK.O.A ~Alice in Wonderland~BanYa Production156   3817918• Obs.K.O.A ~Alice in Wonderland~F24
F25PIU OriginalMy DreamsBanYa Production136   41018518My DreamsF25
F26PIU OriginalToccataBanYa Production104   31017614• MathToccataF26
F27-K-PopDo It!House Rulez129 2009 event 2615418Do It!F27
F28-K-PopDawn of the ApocalypseVassline??? 2009 event 414211421Dawn of the ApocalypseF28
F29-PIU OriginalFinal Audition Episode 2-XYahpp170 2009 event 817252125Final Audition Episode 2-XF29
F80-K-PopMy Fantasy (MV Ver.)Taiji Boys130 WorldMax (NXA) My Fantasy (MV Ver.)F80
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMENHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
Next Xenesis (NX2)NX Absolute

Pump Haven's PIU Master Song List 4
[for Next Xenesis (NX2) and NX Absolute]


For more details in some of the features in this Song List read the notes below at the end of the list.
Title and ArtistNext Xenesis (NX2)NX AbsoluteSpecial Game ModesSong Info
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMNHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
D31SpecialK-Pop Dance RemixDJ. DOC/Epik High132815917K-Pop Dance RemixD31
D32SpecialGroove Party RemixCLON/Tashannie105-110713615514515Groove Party RemixD32
D33SpecialPop House RemixKristeen/Scoop126-130.581516Pop House RemixD33
D34SpecialWi-Ex Doc-Va RemixYahpp1951621192515211523Wi-Ex Doc-Va RemixD34
D35SpecialBemera RemixYahpp2101524182516241825Bemera RemixD35
D36SpecialBanYa-P Classic MixBanYa92-18014191520BanYa-P Classic MixD36
D37-SpecialChicago Club MixHaley/DVS/Gyfted112WorldMax (NX2)Chicago Club MixD37
D38SpecialU Inside My Dim Memory [Full Song]Hyun Jin Young vs. Yahpp118WorldMax (NX2,
NXA beta version)
9151019U Inside My Dim Memory [Full Song]D38
D39SpecialFire [Full Song]Yahpp1361920Fire [Full Song]D39
D40SpecialLovely [Full Song]Kim Jong Kook18867Lovely [Full Song]D40
D41SpecialLove is a Danger Zone 2 [Full Song]Yahpp100-16219211921Love is a Danger Zone 2 [Full Song]D41
D42SpecialBeat of the War 2 [Full Song]Yahpp190-??19211920Beat of the War 2 [Full Song]D42
D43SpecialHold the Line [Full Song]Cho PD & B.E.G126716818Hold the Line [Full Song]D43
DB26SpecialNovarash RemixNovasonic/Crash11881610Novarash RemixDB26
DB28SpecialTreme-Vook of the War RemixYahpp140-2021319162212181522Treme-Vook of the War RemixDB28
DB29-SpecialBanYa Classic MixBanYa162No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
10191121BanYa Classic MixDB29
DB30SpecialDeux RemixDeux119.57148Deux RemixDB30
DB51SpecialDignity [Full Song]Crash1951320162214191622Dignity [Full Song]DB51
DB53SpecialTurbo RemixTurbo147.791210Turbo RemixDB53
DB54Special2nd Hidden RemixCLON/Sechskies140101113162nd Hidden RemixDB54
DB55SpecialDrunken Family RemixDrunken Tiger/Honey Family95676Drunken Family RemixDB55
DB56SpecialBanYa Hip-Hop RemixBanYa99787397BanYa Hip-Hop RemixDB56
DB57SpecialCanon-D [Full Song]Yahpp16015171116Canon-D [Full Song]DB57
DC41SpecialTry to B.P.M - LIADZ RemixBanYa140-1681421162315191522Try to B.P.M - LIADZ RemixDC41
DC42SpecialZero K-Hip Hop RemixDrunken Tiger/JTL/Perry/Eun Ji Won1108147Zero K-Hip Hop RemixDC42
E50SpecialBanYa-P Guitar RemixBanYa Production12025252224BanYa-P Guitar RemixE50
E51-SpecialGuitar Man [Full Song]BanYa Production120No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
89Guitar Man [Full Song]E51
E52SpecialMoney FingersBanYa Production1709141018Money FingersE52
E53SpecialMonkey Fingers [Full Song]BanYa Production1865917719816917Monkey Fingers [Full Song]E53
E54SpecialNX2 K-Pop Remix 1U;Nee/Duke/Lee Hyun Do136815916613716NX2 K-Pop Remix 1E54
E55SpecialNX2 K-Hip Hop RemixEun Ji Won/Dynamic Duo11071415NX2 K-Hip Hop RemixE55
E56SpecialAstral Song [Full Song]Crying Nut??? (~190)8Astral Song [Full Song]E56
E57SpecialNX2 K-Pop Remix 2Mina/Bae Chi Gi117714515NX2 K-Pop Remix 2E57
E58SpecialNo Despair [Full Song]Hot Potato16071820No Despair [Full Song]E58
E59SpecialNX2 K-Pop Remix 3Lee Hyun Do/Som 211271313NX2 K-Pop Remix 3E59
E60SpecialNX2 Diva RemixJoanne/Bada1204125495NX2 Diva RemixE60
E61-SpecialPro Pop RemixSonic Dimension / Oscillator X140WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Pro Pop RemixE61
E63-SpecialMay RemixMay128WorldMax (NX2)May RemixE63
E64-SpecialRed Song???240WorldMax (NX2)Red Song RemixE64
E70-SpecialIt's My Business [Full Song]Taiji Boys200No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
81920It's My Business [Full Song]E70
E71SpecialVery Old Couples [Full Song]015B121614Very Old Couples [Full Song]E71
E72SpecialCome Back Home [Full Song]Taiji Boys93144134Come Back Home [Full Song]E72
E73-SpecialFeel the Soul [Full Song]Seo Taiji187.08No exclusivity (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
18Feel the Soul [Full Song]E73
E74SpecialV.I.P [Full Song]Bada112266144V.I.P [Full Song]E74
E75--SpecialA Maelstrom [Full Song]Pia102WorldMax (NX2, NXA)A Maelstrom [Full Song]E75
E76SpecialFly [Full Song]Epik High128101517Fly [Full Song]E76
E77-SpecialTell Me [Full Song]Wonder Girls127Korean version (NX2)
No exclusivity (NXA)
5523Tell Me [Full Song]E77
E928SpecialFAE1 & Chicken Wing Remix (NX2 ver.)BanYa200101182113FAE1 & Chicken Wing Remix (NX2 ver.)E928
F30Special45rpm & Eun Ji Won Remix45RPM / Eun Ji Won1231151445rpm & Eun Ji Won RemixF30
F31SpecialThe People Didn't Know "Pumping Up"BanYa Production1347417The People Didn't Know "Pumping Up"F31
F32SpecialUgly Duck ToccataBanYa Production104121516Ugly Duck ToccataF32
F33SpecialCaprice of DJ OtadaBanYa Production180111922Caprice of DJ OtadaF33
F34SpecialDr. K.O.ABanYa Production15681820Dr. K.O.AF34
F35SpecialJam O Beat # No. 4BanYa Production / HEaDTriP12116616Jam O Beat # No. 4F35
F36SpecialYG RemixBig Bang / Perry1025615YG RemixF36
F37SpecialNina Pxndx RemixNina Pilots / Pxndx1606168Nina Pxndx RemixF37
F38SpecialBig Metra RemixBig Metra10551917Big Metra RemixF38
F39SpecialNXA Hip-Hop MixDJ Missill / Gyfted1086134NXA Hip-Hop MixF39
F40SpecialNovasonic Mix ver. 3Novasonic13661719Novasonic Mix ver. 3F40
F41SpecialMr. Fire Fighter Falls in Love With MeSpooky Banana / No Brain1588159Mr. Fire Fighter Falls in Love With MeF41
F42SpecialJ Knows That Old BongBanYa Production13081718J Knows That Old BongF42
F43SpecialTurkey VirusBanYa Production150-16281511Turkey VirusF43
F44Specialmsgoon RMX pt. 1msgoon12071717msgoon RMX pt. 1F44
F45Specialmsgoon RMX pt. 2msgoon1055165msgoon RMX pt. 2F45
F46Specialmsgoon RMX pt. 3msgoon1686171120msgoon RMX pt. 3F46
F50SpecialChopsticks Challenge [Full Song]Yahpp12815319Chopsticks Challenge [Full Song]F50
F51SpecialLaLaLa [Full Song]Big Bang1024144LaLaLa [Full Song]F51
F52SpecialAdios [Full Song]Eun Ji Won1234154Adios [Full Song]F52
F53SpecialPa˝uelito Rojo [Full Song]Big Metra9891618Pa˝uelito Rojo [Full Song]F53
F54SpecialProcedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo [Full Song]Pxndx1606177Procedimientos Para Llegar A Un Comun Acuerdo [Full Song]F54
F55SpecialForward [Full Song]DJ Missill974155Forward [Full Song]F55
F56SpecialSlightly [Full Song]45rpm ft. msgoon1205175Slightly [Full Song]F56
F57SpecialCome On! [Full Song]Lee Jeong Hyun14066Come On! [Full Song]F57
F58SpecialChocolate [Full Song]Banana Girl1306158Chocolate [Full Song]F58
F59SpecialDigan Lo Que Digan [Full Song]Nina Pilots1627189Digan Lo Que Digan [Full Song]F59
F60-SpecialTrato De No Trabarme [Full Song]Big Metra1052009 event102325Trato De No Trabarme [Full Song]F60
F61SpecialCrazy [Full Song]Gyfted108.13133Crazy [Full Song]F61
F62SpecialU [Full Song]Super Junior M1153153U [Full Song]F62
F63SpecialChange Myself [Full Song]Wang Lee Hom104.53143Change Myself [Full Song]F63
F64SpecialEnter the Dragon [Full Song]JTL11017318Enter the Dragon [Full Song]F64
F65SpecialBeat # No. 4 [Full Song]HEaDTriP12117619Beat # No. 4 [Full Song]F65
F70-SpecialYasangma 2BanYa Production180WorldMax (NXA)
F71-SpecialScream Songmsgoon???WorldMax (NXA)
F72-Specialmsgoon RMX pt. 4msgoon128WorldMax (NXA)
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMNHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
Next Xenesis (NX2)NX Absolute

Pump Haven's PIU Master Song List 4
[for Next Xenesis (NX2) and NX Absolute]


For more details in some of the features in this Song List read the notes below at the end of the list.
Title and ArtistSpecial Game ModesSong Info
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity Training Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
B06F--SpecialDeja Vu [Full Song]Som2115WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Deja Vu [Full Song]B06F
B09F--SpecialTyphoon [Full Song]Lee Hyun Do112WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Typhoon [Full Song]B09F
B13F--SpecialI'll Give You All My Love [Full Song]WAX164WorldMax (NX2, NXA)I'll Give You All My Love [Full Song]B13F
B27--SpecialLexy/1TYM RemixLexy / 1TYM123WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Lexy/1TYM RemixB27
B52-SpecialNovasonic RemixNovasonic136WorldMax (NX2)Novasonic RemixB52
C02A--SpecialMoonlight (Original Ver.)BanYa180WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Moonlight (alternate version)C02A
C03A--SpecialWitch Doctor (Witch Docva version)Yahpp195WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Witch Doctor (Witch Docva version)C03A
C05A--SpecialPhantom (Speedup Ver.)BanYa Production???Training Station (NX2)
WorldMax (NXA)
Phantom (Speedup Ver.)C05A
C08F-SpecialEmergency [Full Song]Drunken Tiger110WorldMax (NX2)Emergency [Full Song]C08F
C15F--SpecialMr. Fire Fighter [Full Song]Spooky Banana158WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Mr. Fire Fighter [Full Song]C15F
C1C01--SpecialBeat of the War (D&G version)Yahpp190/140/120/160WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Beat of the War (D&G version)C1C01
C1C04--SpecialLove is a Danger Zone 2 (D&G version)Yahpp162WorldMax (NX2, NXA)
Brain Shower (NXA)
Love is a Danger Zone 2 (D&G version)C1C04
D08F-SpecialFree [Full Song]Jiny174.6WorldMax (NX2)Free [Full Song]D08F
D11F-SpecialFor You [Full Song]N.Ex.T160WorldMax (NX2,
NXA beta version)
For You [Full Song]D11F
E07A--SpecialVery Old Couples (Short Term Memory version)015B121WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Very Old Couples (Short Term Memory version)E07A
E10F--SpecialA.U Ready? [Full Song]Gil Gun94WorldMax (NX2, NXA)A.U Ready? [Full Song]E10F
E13B--SpecialPumptris Quattro (8bit version)Yahpp162WorldMax (NX2)
No exclusivity (NXA)
Pumptris Quattro (8bit version)E13B
E15F--SpecialYou Fall in Me [Full Song]No Brain152WorldMax (NX2, NXA)You Fall in Me [Full Song]E15F
E17A--SpecialAstral Song (alternate version)Crying Nut??? (~190)WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Astral Song (alternate version)E17A
E18A--SpecialNo Despair (alternate version)Hot Potato160WorldMax (NX2, NXA)No Despair (alternate version)E18A
E20A--SpecialBeat # No. 4 (alternate version)HEaDTriP121WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Beat # No. 4 (alternate version)E20A
E20F--SpecialBeat # No. 4 [Full Song]HEaDTriP121WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Beat # No. 4 [Full Song]E20F
EF175--SpecialFinal Audition 3 (Unfinished ver.)Yahpp130.5/210WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Final Audition 3 (Unfinished ver.)EF175
EF282--SpecialYasangmaYahpp???WorldMax (NX2, NXA)YasangmaEF282
EF921--SpecialMr. Fire Fighter & Beat of the War 2Spooky Banana / Yahpp158/190/140/120/160WorldMax (NX2, NXA)Mr. Fire Fighter & Beat of the War 2EF921
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity Training Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID

Pump Haven's PIU Master Song List 4
[for Next Xenesis (NX2) and NX Absolute]


For more details in some of the features in this Song List read the notes below at the end of the list.
Title and ArtistNext Xenesis (NX2)NX AbsoluteSpecial Game ModesSong Info
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMNHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
D112SpecialAnother Truth (Another)Novasonic13618211722Another Truth (Another)D112
D204SpecialFinal Audtion (Another)BanYa130.517161516Final Audtion (Another)D204
D205SpecialExtravaganza (Another)BanYa1952119162119Extravaganza (Another)D205
D301SpecialFinal Audition 2 (Another)BanYa13016191619Final Audition 2 (Another)D301
D405SpecialMr. Larpus (Another)BanYa190212325222325Mr. Larpus (Another)D405
D505SpecialBeethoven Virus (Another)BanYa1627179101711Beethoven Virus (Another)D505
D701SpecialDr. M (Another)BanYa1451616Dr. M (Another)D701
D704SpecialLove is a Danger Zone (Another)BanYa140168??167??Love is a Danger Zone (Another)D704
D735SpecialVook (Another)BanYa1841618121917201219Vook (Another)D735
D802SpecialBee (Another)BanYa16018231923Bee (Another)D802
D922SpecialFinal Audition Episode 1 (Another)BanYa189101922131923Final Audition Episode 1 (Another)D922
DA01SpecialFinal Audition 3 U.F (Another)BanYa130.51819Final Audition 3 U.F (Another)DA01
DA02SpecialNaissance 2 (Another)BanYa1292019Naissance 2 (Another)DA02
DB06SpecialDeja Vu (Another)Som211517Deja Vu (Another)DB06
DB17SpecialHi-Bi (Another)BanYa1451761818720Hi-Bi (Another)DB17
DC03SpecialWitch Doctor (Another)BanYa195212219211923Witch Doctor (Another)DC03
DC05SpecialPhantom (Another)BanYa1361920181120Phantom (Another)DC05
DC11SpecialDo it Yourself (Another)LazyBone10617Do it Yourself (Another)DC11
DC04SpecialLove is a Danger Zone 2 (Another)BanYa1621618??1617????Love is a Danger Zone 2 (Another)DC04
DD01SpecialWitch Doctor #1 (Another)Yahpp12218201921718720Witch Doctor #1 (Another)DD01
DD03SpecialChimera (Another)Yahpp210132015??161916??Chimera (Another)DD03
DD11SpecialFor You (Another)N.Ex.T16013For You (Another)DD11
DD16SpecialGun Rock (Another)BanYa Production1041819Gun Rock (Another)DD16
DD28SpecialFinal Audition Episode 2-1 (Another)Yahpp1702022192122Final Audition Episode 2-1 (Another)DD28
DD30SpecialFinal Audition Episode 2-2 (Another)Yahpp2001621182516211823Final Audition Episode 2-2 (Another)DD30
E303SpecialTurkey March (Another)BanYa1501518Turkey March (Another)E303
E404SpecialSolitary (Another)BanYa13617191718Solitary (Another)E404
E826SpecialCome to Me (Another)BanYa100-107121714Come to Me (Another)E826
ED08SpecialFree (Another)Jiny174.65Free (Another)ED08
ED12SpecialSnow Dream (Another)Apple Jam1706Snow Dream (Another)ED12
ED13SpecialHandsome Character That Pass (Another)May1251314Handsome Character That Pass (Another)ED13
ED18SpecialUgly Dee (Another)BanYa Production9215151115Ugly Dee (Another)ED18
ED21SpecialSo (Another)Typhoon1381213151416So (Another)ED21
ED29SpecialFire (Another)Yahpp13612151315Fire (Another)ED29
EE03SpecialCaprice of Otada (Another)BanYa Production1601619182117191921Caprice of Otada (Another)EE03
EE10SpecialA.U Ready? (Another)Gil Gun9412151316A.U Ready? (Another)EE10
EE12SpecialFaster Z (Another)Yahpp16215191920816191822Faster Z (Another)EE12
EE13SpecialPumptris Quattro (Another)Yahpp1537817422101217222Pumptris Quattro (Another)EE13
EE14SpecialIt's My Business (Another)Taiji Boys20010141417It's My Business (Another)EE14
EE15SpecialYou Fall in Me (Another)No Brain15216181617You Fall in Me (Another)EE15
EE23SpecialGuitar Man (Another)BanYa Production1201720Guitar Man (Another)EE23
EE24SpecialHiggledy Piggledy (Another)BanYa Production15016181618Higgledy Piggledy (Another)EE24
EE28SpecialDance Vibrations (Another)Elpis1301418Dance Vibrations (Another)EE28
F302SpecialNaissance (Another)BanYa135.520Naissance (Another)F302
F516SpecialSlam (Another)Novasonic1361819Slam (Another)F516
F712SpecialWill o' the Wisp (Another)BanYa2101921Will o' the Wisp (Another)F712
F906SpecialStarian (Another)Duke134.91517Starian (Another)F906
FA08SpecialDignity (Another)Crash19516Dignity (Another)FA08
FB19SpecialCanon-D (Another)BanYa1602121Canon-D (Another)FB19
FC02SpecialMoonlight (Another)BanYa Production1801921Moonlight (Another)FC02
FD02SpecialArch of Darkness (Another)Yahpp135.917Arch of Darkness (Another)FD02
FE13BSpecialPumptris Quattro [8bit ver.] (Another)Yahpp162161617????Pumptris Quattro [8bit ver.] (Another)FE13B
F01SpecialBlaze Emotion (Another)Yahpp1701718Blaze Emotion (Another)F01
F02SpecialCannon X.1 (Another)Yahpp18582110Cannon X.1 (Another)F02
F09SpecialChocolate (Another)Banana Girl13061315Chocolate (Another)F09
F23SpecialDJ Otada (Another)BanYa Production1802021DJ Otada (Another)F23
F25SpecialMy Dreams (Another)BanYa Production13619My Dreams (Another)F25
F26SpecialToccata (Another)BanYa Production1041617Toccata (Another)F26
ID#NX2NXAChannelSong TitleArtistBPM Exclusivity NHCFSNMNHCFSNMTraining Station (NX2)WorldMax (NX2)WorldMax (NXA)Brain Shower (NXA)Song TitleID
Next Xenesis (NX2)NX Absolute

ABOUT NX2 AND NXA COLUMNS: Those two columns indicate the availability of the song as playable on Arcade mode (•) or only playable on other special modes (-). The space is blank if a song wasn't available in that specific version.

ABOUT EASY STATION ON NX ABSOLUTE: Some songs were exclusive for Easy Station. Those ones are indicated as a lone difficulty level on E column (no other levelling on other game modes).

ABOUT SPECIAL GAME MODES: Those 4 columns indicate the special appearances of a song in the different modes available on those versions. A song would be fully playable in a specific game mode if a • symbol appears. If a dash (-) symbol appears on the WorldMax or Brain Shower NXA column, it means that the song is present in beta releases of NX Absolute.

NOTE: CORRECTIONS: If you have any corrections for the list, please PM TurkeySlam or Tamashii on PumpHaven Forums, quoting the correction to be made.