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(1-5) Move Your Body (version 2) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-5) Move Your Body (version 2)
Size: 3.53 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-5)
Move Your Body
by Eiffel 65

UPDATE: Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, and Nightmare charts all revamped for better flow, sync, etc. Added banner specifically for Stepmania and a Prex 3 PC-style disc image for KIU and DM.

Youtube preview of FS chart:

Youtube preview of CZ chart:

Youtube preview of NM chart:

The fifth song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. Eiffel65 is an Italian group whose hit "Blue (da ba dee)" you may have heard at some point in time. They have three members: a vocalist and two keyboardists. Their songs are very unique and easily recognizable. Move Your Body is a unique (maybe repetitive) song which contains at most 9-10 lines of lyrics, and it has a very prominent beat that one can easily pick out.

The title was made by Darkhikari.

Normal (2) - The song's easy beat is extremely easy to follow, and there's nothing at all intimidating about the song on Normal mode. VERY few 4ths and a few very spread out Doubles are all you have to worry about.

Hard (6) - The 8th runs are slightly toned down from the old chart. The runs come in bursts, and there are a few sections with holds.

Crazy (12) - Completely different from the old chart. A chart with nothing strange. Pivots and a M-run near the end with a few triples. Mostly 8th runs with 16ths in triplets.

Freestyle (7) - Similar to the Hard mode chart. Some trickier transitions at the 8th run speed make this chart challenging for beginning Doubles players.

Nightmare (14) - Quite a few holds that will save or destroy you depending on how you manage them, and an extended half-double run near the end. A difficult chart with regard to transitions and twists.
(1-4) Ninja (version 2) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-4) Ninja (version 2)
Size: 2.87 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-4)
by Jay Chou

UPDATE: Hard Mode, Crazy Mode, and Nightmare Mode charts for greater quality and flow. Freestyle chart made more freestylable. Added banner specifically for Stepmania and a Prex 3 PC-style disc image for KIU and DM.

Youtube preview of FS chart:

Youtube preview of CZ chart:

Youtube preview of NM chart:

The fourth song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. Jay Chou is a very well-known male singer and songwriter from Taiwan. Originally, he was a songwriter for many famous Taiwanese singers such as Jolin Tsai (who sings Up Up) and has even performed raps for other artists' songs. Eventually, he was able to establish himself not only as a songwriter but also as a singer. He writes all or at least most of his songs and raps, and he is extremely well-known for his almost rhapsodical way of making a song (which makes some of his songs fun to play on piano). It is difficult to say exactly what genre he can be classified in, since he sings MANY different kinds of songs... This is Ninja, one of his rap songs, although not one of his best-known songs. It has a very unique beat as well as an obvious Oriental infleunce. It should be lots of fun for you hopefully.

Normal (2) - The slower speed and the easy 4ths should make this song easy for the low to mid level Normal mode players. There are a few doubles.

Hard (5) - This chart is mostly 8th runs, but at a slow speed, so it's not difficult.

Crazy (10) - The hardest part of this song is twisting the 16th runs at the slow speed of the song. Make sure not to miss the key holds!

Freestyle (6) - This is probably easier than the old chart, but much better for freestyling than the old one. It's quite an easy chart and a good way to learn double charts. It's a chart begging for choreography.

Nightmare (12) - The Nightmare chart is similar to the Crazy chart only in rhythm, but the step formations used are completely different. Holds and the twistiness of the song are sure to give a good challenge to the NM player.
(1-3) Freedom (version 2) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-3) Freedom (version 2)
Size: 3.61 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-3)
by 12 Girls Band

UPDATE: HD has been restepped for better flow, while CZ no longer has strange awkward parts. FS has been restepped for better transitions. NM is an almost completely new chart that features some new surprises and is rather difficult... it flows better of course. There's now a banner specifically for Stepmania, and a Prex 3 style disc for Kick It Up and DirectMove.

The third song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. 12 Girls Band is a musical group from China, whose 12 members each play a certain Chinese musical instrument. They play both classical and modern compositions, and their new, more modern playing style is very different from the traditional way their instruments are played. They are very popular in Asia and have done well album-wise and tour-wise. This version of Freedom is taken from the LIVE performance in their album Miracle Live, so it'll sound a bit different than the recorded version in their older albums. This song has a catchy rhythm to it that should make dancing or stepping fun.

The title image was made by our very own WayneC_02.

Youtube preview of FS chart:

Youtube preview of CZ chart:

Youtube preview of NM chart:

Normal (2) - The slower speed and the easy 4ths should make this song easy for the low to mid level Normal mode players. There are hardly any doubles and the formations are merely gentle spins involving 4ths. Cake for the Summer of Love crowd.

Hard (6) - These steps involve quite a few spins with 8ths, but it's a easier to do than the spins from "Starian" because the song is slower. Don't get too dizzy though.

Crazy (14) - This is the Dignity-killer (well maybe not). This chart has a LOT of drills and runs that go to the notes in the treble clef of the piece. Vook and Winterish drills... but they're slower, so it's slightly less intimidating. A little long, so get your stamina and sightreading skills ready.

Freestyle (7) - Less spinny than its Hard counterpart, there's a few tricky transitions in this chart. The speed isn't overly fast, so enjoy a decent challenge for a beginning doubles player.

Nightmare (16) - While still maintaining the runs to the treble clef, the hardest part are the transitions... and watch out for a few hold surprises later on in the chart. This chart is tiring, but it follows the music, so it's fun if you have the prowess and stamina to do it! It's much better at flowing than the old chart.
(1-2) Dragonfly (version 2) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-2) Dragonfly (version 2)
Size: 3.28 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-2)
by Smile.dk

UPDATE: The HD, CZ, FS, and NM charts have been completely re-stepped for better flow, fun, or insanity. HD and CZ charts are no longer awkward. FS and NM charts flow much better than before by reducing double-stepping. The simfile also now has a special banner for Stepmania (the sm references it), and it also now uses a Prex 3 style skin for KIU and DM rather than the old disc.

Youtube preview of FS chart:

Youtube preview of CZ chart:

Youtube preview of NM chart:

The second song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. Another lovely song by Smile.dk, also from their Future Girls album. This song is a little slower than Doo-Be-Di-Boy and has more of a calmer rhythm to it. As a result, the steps for this song aren't nearly as hard as Doo-Be-Di-Boy's was. I actually like this song more than Doo-Be-Di-Boy music-wise, but obviously this is not the Dignity-killing song due to its slow speed. I hope you still feel like it's fun though. The cut for this song is actually done by a stepmaker named Neo-Kamek who has made a DWI file for this song. He seems to have been inactive for a while; however, it is still possible to download his stepfiles on DDRManiax.net's Museum.

Normal (2) - Nothing exceptionally hard about this Normal mode song. This song is more for the As I Told You and Time to Say Goodbye crowd. More half notes and very few 4ths make this song ideal for those who are past Don't Bother Me or Passion level.

Hard (6) - There are a few short 8th note runs in this song, but nothing too awkward to deal with. The 8th note runs are quite spread out and are not very hard to do. There is also ample rest in between the runs. Lots of 4th runs as well, which most Hard mode players should be able to handle. There are 2 16th couplets which are easy to spot due to when they occur in the song (the instrumental part). Recommended for the pre-Turkey March crowd.

Crazy (12) - These new steps are difficult but much less awkward and unfun. The majority of the difficulty comes from the 16th runs to the harp and the 16th triplets during the chorus. Straightforward chart with no gimmicks.

Freestyle (7) - This new chart flows better. Flow along and have fun with this chart, or take the challenge if you're new to doubles. 4th runs and some 8th runs. There's minor 16ths that will appear in the middle that go to an obvious part of the music. Straightforward, fun chart with no gimmicks.

Nightmare (14) - This new chart is goofier and trickier than its CZ counterpart. The 16th runs from the chorus and the harp are still around, but certain parts of the chart have some special surprises suited to a Nightmare chart. You'll know when you see it. :)
(1-1) Doo-Be-Di-Boy (version 3) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-1) Doo-Be-Di-Boy (version 3)
Size: 3.01 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-1)
by Smile.dk

UPDATE: The stepcharts for Hard, Crazy, Freestyle, and Nightmare modes have been completely redone. I felt that the original stepcharts for most of these were eyesores, so I decided to completely redo them instead of merely repairing them. They have been reviewed and redone with better flow and hopefully a lot more fun than before.

Youtube preview of FS chart:

Youtube preview of CZ chart:

Youtube preview of NM chart:

The first song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. Doo-Be-Di-Boy is by Smile.dk, a duo of Swedish women, whose songs have also appeared in numerous Bemani games (the ever-popular Butterfly, Dancing All Alone, etc.). Suprisingly, they've released their albums in Hong Kong and Japan predominantly. This song in particular is from their Future Girls album (considered by many as their best album). While listening to my playlist, this catchy song suddenly played, and I felt like making steps to the very catchy rhythm of the song. With a repetitive rhythm, there was no way I could lose! And here's the result.

Normal (2) - The steps might be a bit too tough for new players to handle, but people who can pass As I Told You should be able to handle it. This song will be cake for Summer of Love, Another Truth, and Perfect! players.

Hard (7) - The new steps are definitely for more seasoned Hard Mode players. The most difficult part is doing the 8th runs for the instrumental part. Nothing overtly gimmicky.

Crazy (12) - The rhythm for this chart is mostly the same, and the instrumental part (16th triplets) go to an obvious pattern. Other than that, there aren't too many triplets, just a few tricky 8th runs. Should be fun!

Freestyle (8) - The new steps for Double mode are a little tough for those beginning Double players. The instrumental part is full of pseudo-doubles (16th gallops) that may trip up those new to the chart. The 8th runs are a little tough, but a good chance to train double mode reading skills.

Nightmare (14) - This updated chart has made the instrumental part more fun by making the pattern a little more obvious. It's one of the toughest parts. The 8th runs are similar to the Crazy mode, but expect some trickier transitions as you go further into the song. The last part of the song may surprise you (but it's not like Gun Rock anymore).
(1-8) Writhe in Pain (Updated) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-8) Writhe in Pain (Updated)
Size: 2.40 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Direct Move 0.5+, StepMania

(Song 1-8)
Writhe in Pain
(Theme of Millia Rage)
by Ishiwatari Daisuke

UPDATE: I felt like the original title image was an eyesore and have updated it with a picture that does Millia more justice. It will also allow you to use the title in PIU PC.

The eighth song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. Ishiwatari Daisuke (Ishiwatari being his last name) is the creator, character designer, and composer for the Guilty Gear series, a series of popular 2D fighting games with outrageous character designs. He is best known for his compositions in metal and rock, all heavily involving the guitar. Writhe in Pain is the theme of the character Millia Rage in the Guilty Gear XX games, and, since Millia Rage is my character of choice for the Guilty Gear series, it was a matter of time. To tell the truth, I was inspired by a friend's old beta DDR steps to the full version of the song, so I took a few ideas for the CZ steps from that. This simfile has the fastest BPM of anything I've done so far, but hopefully the awesome composition and the steps will go together for you.

Making steps for this song also broke two of my rules for stepmaking: 1) It's Japanese. 2) It's a video game exclusive. So don't expect me to do too much of this in the future. :P Oh well.

The title image was made by valius.

Also, this simfile is the first to show off the SMtoDM program I wrote, since the DM KSFs were produced from the SM, the original stepfile, and include all the BPM changes in the SM file. This simfile can ONLY be played in DirectMove 0.5 and Stepmania.

Normal(4) - Although there are lots of 2nd notes, the steps may be tough for Beginners due to high speeds and the slowdown. These steps are for those getting ready for Beethoven Virus Normal.

Hard(9) - The 4th notes move fast enough to be 8th notes due to the high speed. The twists begin to feel like Pump Me Amadeus HD's steps. A true challenge for transitioning Hard Mode players.

Crazy(19) - Few 16th notes, but the song is so fast that the 8th notes are 16th notes. This chart is a test of stamina, with plenty of twisting that needs to be done to make it through the onslaught. The steps mostly go to the harpsichord in the composition. Crazy Mode players should be challenged and hopefully have fun flowing through all the twists and turns.

Freestyle(10) - The chart is similar to its Hard counterpart in the rhythm, though there are differences that may surprise you. This chart is suited for the technical FS player, since this song isn't really freestylable.

Nightmare(20) - This chart might seem like the Crazy stepchart at first, but there are differences, so I'm keeping those a surprise for the players to see for themselves. This is not an easy chart to play, and this is recommended for the seasoned Nightmare players. Good luck!
(1-7) Kissy Kissy (BEING RESTEPPED) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-7) Kissy Kissy (BEING RESTEPPED)
Size: 2.26 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-7)
Kissy Kissy
by Smile.dk

The seventh song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. After a short break from Smile.dk songs, here is another one for you all to enjoy! Kissy Kissy is also from the Future Girls album. The song is a bit faster than Dragonfly and Doo-Be-Di-Boy, and the rhythm is very consistent and easy to follow in all modes of the song, so very few gimmicks will be found here.

The title image was made by Darkhikari, and yes, that IS Card Captor Sakura in the Title image.

Normal (2) - These steps are definitely catered toward beginners. Very few 4th notes, and lots of easy 2nd notes for the beginners. The rhythm of the song is easy to follow, so this is for the post-Forever Love crowd.

Hard (6) - The 8th runs are not overly twisty, but they can be found throughout the song with 4th runs on the instrumental parts. The last part of the song is a bit trickier with double at the ends of some of the 8th runs.

Crazy (12) - These steps bring in the 16ths from the treble of the instrumental refrain that you heard before, and might remind you a bit of Doo-Be-Di-Boy, though a little easier since the run's shorter. The "Kissy Kissy" part forces you to do quick doubles. Finally, there is a "hold" surprise near the finale, that might look familiar to you if you've played stepcharts from other dance games.

Freestyle(7) - The 8th runs get a bit trickier with these steps, even though the rhythm is almost the same as the Hard mode steps. Thankfully, you do get breaks even between the 8th runs.

Nightmare (13) - You have to do the 16ths from the treble of the instrumental refrain across the middle, and it's not as easy as it was in singles. In addition, the quick doubles in the "Kissy Kissy" part can be difficult to handle if you're not very familiar with the middle of the pad. Finally look for the surprise near the end.
(1-6) ???? (Power of Love) (BEING RESTEPPED) Overlay
[Simfiles]->(1-6) ???? (Power of Love) (BEING RESTEPPED)
Size: 2.71 MB
Uploaded by: valius
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

(Song 1-6)
???? (Power of Love)
by F.I.R

The sixth song in the first Valius stepmaker collection. The Taiwanese band F.I.R (Fei Er Yue Tuan - Flying Music Group literally) is very popular in Taiwan and features an incredible female singer by the name of Faye (the F in F.I.R) who provides vocals for the band, a keyboardist by the name of Ian (the I in F.I.R), who also is leader of the band, and an excellent guitarist by the name of Real (the R in F.I.R). Together they have made a variety of songs ranging from joyous to depressing to eerie. They might remind you of Do As Infinity due to similarities of style. One of the most popular/well-known song they've made is Lydia, theme song for the Taiwanese drama "The Outsiders." Ai De Li Liang aka Power of Love is one of the most upbeat songs they have done and might remind you of I'll Give You All My Love. The song is a relatively fast song at 176 BPM, and with such a fast speed and lots of percussion, this should provide a challenge to many PIU steppers as well as providing fun.

The title was made by Darkhikari.

Normal (3) - The song has a 4th runs which might be a bit fast and a bit difficult for the new Normal mode player. This might be for those who have Certain Victory and Summer of Love in the palm of their hand and are preparing for Beethoven Virus or Winter Normal.

Hard (7) - Hard mode features lots of 4th runs and 8th runs to pummel Hard Mode players into submission as well as a hold formation designed to catch people off-guard. The hardest part is surviving the 8th runs which happen frequently throughout the song with very few rests. Possibly for those who can pass Turkey March.

Crazy (16) - Crazy mode is where the song really begins to pose a large threat to steppers. There are lots and lots of gimmicks to deal with before the IGYAML runs that occur past the halfway point of the song. There's a simpler LiADZ Crazy run to deal with before running into the Monkey Fingers steps that will appear. In between there are 16ths that go to the percussion and these persist even between the IGYAML runs that will sap stamina. The IGYAML-ish runs are faster than IGYAML itself, so be prepared for extremely quick footing to get past the 16ths from the percussion as well as the runs themselves. Definitely for those who can pass IGYAML Crazy.

Freestyle (8) - Double mode derives a lot from Hard mode, but the hard part is dealing with the speed of the 8th runs across both pads, particularly since 176 BPM is not a forgiving speed. There lots of 4th and 8th runs to challenge the stamina of the Freestyle mode player.

Nightmare (17) - If you thought the gimmicks were hard in Crazy mode, they've become a lot harder in the Nightmare mode. The beginning of the song requires you to spin multiple times, until the song transitions into the Monkey Fingers section which requires quick movement to handle the transition across the pad as well as the quick speed. In addition, the runs from Crazy mode and the percussion remain, until the end which features a nasty 16th run across two-pads at 176 BPM which will require good knowledge of transitioning and footing to get through. Rests are few and far between. Good luck!
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