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HANAJI Overlay
Size: 22.21 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

Insanely catchy opening song to the anime Maria+Holic. Featuring yuri, traps, maids, nekomimi, schoolgirls, and all the other good stuff that should appear in an anime :D Comes with background movie animation!
Lucky Star - Motteke! Serafuku Overlay
[Simfiles]->Lucky Star - Motteke! Serafuku
Size: 3.51 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - It's a "slice of life" show about the high school lives of four wacky schoolgirls. Really wacky ones. With a incredibly catchy jpop opening song. I don't even know what they're talking about with cherry pie, sensation, and school uniforms, but whatever. If you listen to it enough, it will be compelled to have this song running thru your head for ages.

Easy - I recommend anyone who is going to practice this song do the simplest mode first to get used to the timing, as even this mode uses offbeats for steps. Lots of bouncy goodness and some hold steps.
Hard - Lots of lovely runs and turning. Off beat steps are where you'd expect them to be. Can't really say much, except a lot of flowing footwork.
Crazy - Took forever to get the notes to follow the singer. But's all in there. There aren't many more steps than Hard mode, but it is much more complicated and faster. Throw in several triples, a lone quad, and you've got this crazy little step chart.
Double - Now you get to dance just like the girls do in the video! Fun amirite? No? Well, you're not in public at least :P To see how it goes, you should download the video.
Nightmare - Yay. Crazy steps spread out on two sets of arrows. And that means more running around and twisting.
You Get To Burning Overlay
[Simfiles]->You Get To Burning
Size: 2.55 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - A classic futuristic anime following pilot/cook Akito Tenkawa, who boards the Nadesico, whose captain is a childhood friend. Lots of laughs to be had (Yurika is too damn cute and dumb ^^;). Anyway, I thought the opening theme was good enough to make it to the KIU stage.

Easy - This is actually a little tough for Easy mode. There's a few 8th notes as well as some 3/8 notes that go with the singer.
Hard - Added more quarter steps and some strange step patterns where it's easier to turn your body. The steps are a little closer to the singer in some areas.
Crazy - Not terribly difficult. There is a small section that is hade up of 4 triples seperated by 2 beats. But the real danger comes from how the steps can follow anything in the foreground, or just become a run of 8th notes. There's also a 16th step snake across the screen for you to do that actually follows a soft harp. The rest consist of various jumps and decent single steps.
Double - The steps are not really based off of one type of difficulty. Some parts are Easy, some use Crazy, and others are only seen here. Nevertheless, it's actually a decent challenge with some repetitive steps for fun.
You Overlay
Size: 1.96 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - A "harem" anime :P Imagine being chosen to be the lover of the daughter of the lord of gods, or the lord of demons. Or a childhood friend. Or a close friend. Or a loli ^^; Anyway, it starts off like how'd you expect these kinds of anime would typically start, but gets rather dramatic and interesing when you discover the girls' stories. The OP is a very catchy tune, enough to get me out from hiatus to make some KIU steps!

Easy - Nothing serious, but you've got your hold steps and jumps to keep the super-newbies off. Fun stuff though.
Hard - Solid amounts of eighth steps and body turning needed. The patterns should not be too hard to pick up. Keep in mind not to use the same foot for 2 steps in a row and you'll see how to position yourself.
Crazy - The beginning part will kill anyone who doesn't figure out the trick to it. It gets a little easier stamina wise, but follows the lyrics nicely.
Double - Mostly resembles the hard step timing, with smooth transitions across both pads. Look closely for steps that are not quite jumps.
Nightmare - Same tricky beginning now over two pads. Lots of turning, slamming, and pummeling of the arrows due to triples, quads, and some eighth and sixteenth jumps. I still look at the steps more as fun than grueling.
White Reflection Overlay
[Simfiles]->White Reflection
Size: 2.29 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is a small 3 episode OVA about what happens between Earth and the Space Colonies one year after that huge battle at the end of the Gundam Wing TV series. All the gundams had a nice makeover too. Haven't seen it in a long time, but it has something to do with the Barton family (where Trowa "found" his name).

Easy - Nifty little song from Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. Not a single 8th or 16th step to worry about, but there are plenty of steps to do (for Easy players anyhow). Quite a few double steps to work with, as well as turning your body either to the left of right 90 degrees.
Hard - Plenty of 8th note chains to do, as well as some off beat steps. There isn't much to say about these steps really.
Crazy - Some parts are a lot like Hard steps. But other steps...holy crap. Heavy and intense 16th step runs. Think Hayuga on crack. These runs can come out of nowhere and zap your life bar away if you are even a little off.
Double - There isn't anything particularly difficult expect for a quick 16th step run before the second half of the main chorus.
Second Flight Overlay
[Simfiles]->Second Flight
Size: 2.41 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - Considered to be either a spinoff or a sequel to the anime "Onegai Teacher!" (or "Please Teacher!"). One day a guy (Maiku) meets up with two girls (Mina and Karen), where one of them could be his relative from an old picture. The character designs are adorable, and the opening theme was WAY more than enough for me to make steps for it :)

Easy - Almost all full beat steps. So just listen to the beat coming from the bass of the song and you'll make it out just fine.
Hard - Throw in the half beats, and some offbeat steps and you have this. There's also quite a bit of jumps, though not grueling or anything.
Crazy - A solid set of steps that test your skills and fits the way the song is sung. One quad-step that just pops out of a few jumps too. Also be prepared to either have one really fast leg, or to spin around the corners of the pad. This even happens twice in the main chorus.
Double - Mostly offbeat like crazy. It doesn't have that confusing part at the beginning and at the end though. But it does force you to turn your body quite often. And it has one of the drills from crazy mode.
Half Double - Follows the crazy step timing mostly, but the combinations are not as difficult. Mix it with a plethora of inbetween-pad series and you have this.
Nightmare - Follows the crazy steps almost completely, but has the lovely(?) double feel for extra toughness. Two of the holds that happen near the end of the song will kill you if you do not know the right way to hit them. Just know this: if you use a hand for the hold, use your feet for the rest, and vice versa.
Sakura Saku Overlay
[Simfiles]->Sakura Saku
Size: 3.71 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - One man to manage an all girls dormitory. Hmm ^^; A popular anime indeed. I found it funny to watch Keitaro get launched 1000 feet in the air by Naru's mightly uppercut. But in anycase, it's a nice comedy with very cute characters.

Easy - It's simple to do, as long as you pay attention to the steps, not the girls ^^; The BPM is a little fast for beginners though, but it's good practice. Lots of jumping of bouncing around to too. Fun fun fun.
Hard - The main chorus reminds me of Cordiality. That means acting like a mosher while jumping and spinning. It isn't really tough though, just a little tiring from doing tons of jumps.
Crazy - Goes along with the song more than the beat. There's a part that you can sort of cheat your way through near the end that requires your to freeze, then jump, then freeze, then jump, etc. Because you only need to freeze for a short time, most people will probably get credit for the freeze even though they don't do it at all. And it's not visible in normal speed either!
Double - Won't be in sync with the song as much as Crazy. It'll just require lots of bouncing :)
Saa Overlay
Size: 2.01 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - Take a lone high-school student living alone and then add some wacky guardian spirits to "protect" him, and you get this. Sort of like the famous "Oh! My Goddess" anime, but more comical than romantic. This song, though is just total ownage. Seriously.

Easy - The only places to worry about are the 8th steps from the center pad to a double. The steps begin VERY quickly as well, so watch out.
Hard - Nothing really difficult, even if the steps go with the singer. Easy 16th steps to perform and is quite fun. Too bad this song is only just over a minute.
Crazy - Not crazy at all, save the few quad steps :) You'll have at the least 1 beat to prepare and 1 beat to recover (except the last one at the very end). They all appear when the singer says "Saa!" The 8th jumps near the end are a little easier to hit if you spin clockwise. Note that these steps follow the singer even closer, so expect a gallop every now and then.
Double - Double - A little tricky. A mix of hard steps following crazy timing. Your legs will be stretching a little more than usual to hit the four "Saa!" steps in the main chorus.
Revolution Overlay
Size: 2.33 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - A shoujo anime about a tomboyish girl Utena attending an upper-class school, which prides itself in fencing duels apparently. The anime as a whole is rather mysterious and makes you think quite a bit before understand the meaning of what goes on. A good watch I must say.

Easy - It's pretty simple enough for novice players. Only two places use 8th notes, and they can be seen from a distance. You can enjoy the pretty movie if you have it.
Hard - The main chorus has gallops followed immediately by jumps; it's a little tricky to read. Frollows the music quite a bit, so it helps to listen to the song before attempting it.
Crazy - Very tricky stuff here. The steps always follow what's in the foreground, whether it be the singers, the background chorus singers, or even instuments. Plenty of 3/8 steps abound too. I had trouble making the steps during the main chrous with the lead singer speaking fast (that meant 16th notes). A recurring pattern is 3 16th notes, a slight pause, then a gallop!
Double - Nasty stuff here. Almost uses all the crazy steps, and it covers both sides. Not much to be said except practice.
One Love Overlay
[Simfiles]->One Love
Size: 1.70 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the song - Prodigy is what really introduced me to techno. They have a ton of classic songs made back in the 90's that I still listen to today. I could have picked any one of their songs to be a KIU song. In any case, expect some nasty stuff around the boards.

Easy - Lots of single beat steps to play with. But I still consider it to be a little tough for easy for some reason. Maybe it's the number of jumps...
Hard - If you do not like half-step chains you will not pass this song heh heh. Most of the song composes of long chains too, as well as plenty of turning. But in the end it really is excellent practice for not always facing the screen.
Crazy - Borderline, but not quite insane. You'll need a lot of endurance to accomplish this one. I highly recommend 4x speed since the BPM isn't that fast. There are no real resting periods either. The lighter areas are single beat steps at best. Heavy areas are basically quarter-beat chains of doom :)
Double - Mostly hard mode spread all around. Very nice, but very anti-newbie. Also threw in some quick Com'Back spins for the heck of it.
Nightmare - Evil. Can't really say much, but it does resemble crazy style for the most part, with some tweaks here and there. Some odd triple steps in there too (not that they can't be "slammed" like standard single pad triples, but I don't recall seeing these kind of triples on any song).
Obsession Overlay
Size: 1.97 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - A somewhat strange anime based on the popular video game. I haven't seen much of it, but I heard it has to do with one of the players being "stuck" in the game.

Easy - It's simple enough: all full beat steps. Just find the beat of the song and you should be set to go. Later there are some jumps with the center and one arrow so lesser skilled players can practice on them.
Hard - A lot of half steps, but rather uncomplicated. Don't forget to turn your burn sideways to hit some of those 3 step chains - it's a lot easier than quickly using 1 foot to hit 2 steps.
Crazy - Amazingly not that difficult at all. Just a lot more half steps and two mini-drills. A pair of triples in the end, but missing those should not pose a threat if you did ok throughtout the song.
Double - It's easy enough for freestylers to do their thing. Nothing much else to it; this song never really gets difficult at any time (at any level for that matter).
NAJICA Overlay
Size: 2.48 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

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About the anime - Join Najica and Lila on their adventures to retreive "humanlids", a sort of cyborg-being (that look like cute girls of course). This anime is very notorious for its sheer amounts of panty views due to the creator of this series being the same as the one behing "Agent Aika" (which has even more panty shots I hear). The art is very beautiful along with all the girls that pop up, although the story is just ok. This is the opening theme.

Easy - This is sort of a following to Swing Baby from Premiere 2. Very easy steps to get with; the jumps are the hard areas, which isn't saying much.
Hard - A bit hard, but nothing too tough. The area near the end can kill you if you are on the wrong foot so be careful. I'd recommend not going with 1x speed as some of the jumps are on the silent beat which may be hard to see.
Crazy - This has got to be the hardest set of steps I have come up with for an anime song. The trumpets which you will step to are so fast.
Double - Tough. Really. The majority isn't that bad, but a couple of insane areas will pop out of nowhere and bite you if you don't know they are coming. Quarter-step chains kinda just sneak in there midway into the song. Fortunately the very end cools down.
More Human Than Human Overlay
[Simfiles]->More Human Than Human
Size: 2.82 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the song - Nice hard rock song. I don't really know what's up with White Zombie these days, but this is a very good song from the 90's.

Easy - I gave it a very fast BPM (it's around Chicken Wing BPM!), so the quarters steps are pretty fast. The step patterns themselves aren't tough, but the speed may scare off novice players.
Hard - Pretty tough. Several 8th chains, but with this BPM being a little off can cost you big. A small Cordiality tribute can be seen with all the double jumps in the main areas of the song.
Crazy - There is a TON of triples to do. To keep with the atmosphere of the song, intead of using a hand to hit the third pad, just slam down on all three with your feet - all of them are positioned so you can use 1 foot to cover 2 pads. The 16th steps are not too bad - it's really more of an issue of speed than positioning.
Double - The difficulty will probably come from the fast BPM and some ackward jumps. Other than that this song is not so tough. Just a lot of pairs of jumps.
Mirai no Kioku Overlay
[Simfiles]->Mirai no Kioku
Size: 2.30 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - ES members Eclair and Lumiere are part of the GOTT, a mysterious organization that perform various acts to police the galaxy. Gifted with very powerful abilities (and seemingly their youth), they slowly uncover the truths about who and what they work for. The anime begins a little slow for a lot of viewers, but it picks up nicely. I enjoyed every episode though. And it has a nice J-Popish intro that suits my needs for a KIU song.

Easy - Fairly average for an easy song. It's got a section of all hold steps if you are unfamiliar with them. It begins very easy but picks up to about full beat steps a little bit into the song.
Hard - Plenty of half-steps to work with. They mostly follow the signer. But all of the patterns are straight-forward. The hold steps require your other leg to do some work :P
Crazy - Contains it's fare share of complicated patterns and offbeat steps. A little turning here, a little drill there, a hold here, and in all a nice blend of the techniques used for Pump are what you need. Even has a couple of triples for you to fancy yourself with.
Double - As long as you don't constrict yourself to having your body facing the screen the whole way you should do fine. The drills are not tough since the BPM is only moderate. The end of the song is the only area which is fast and difficult to get down. And has a nice final step to top it off.
Mask Overlay
Size: 2.68 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - A not-so-young anime about a group of 5 warriors known as "Sorcerer Hunters" (gee, who would have figured) out to hunt down evil users of forbidden magic. It's mostly episodic from my experience, but it's a good watch when there's some time to kill. This ending theme is one of the best anime songs I have ever heard, so you're in for a treat :)

Easy - Steps are ridiculously simple. Many notes are a 4 beats apart. So bust a move on the pads! I gave you plenty of time to do whatever the heck you want! I found a decent wallpaper to go with the song too. This is just so damn sexy :)
Hard - Somewhat difficult. Follows the lead singer at a couple of places, but follows the music more. Few 16th notes around too.
Crazy - Some of the steps resemble the steps to Revolution. Usually either follows the singer or goes into a flurry of 8th steps. Triples only appear in a couple of places and you have about an eighth step to prepare (off a single step) and recover from them. For the gallops in the end, use your left foot to hit the ground first (it will involve a spin, but IMO it's easier this way).
Double - Double - Based mostly on Hard steps. The near end steps are a long string of 8th notes, but not really tough. A fair challenge.
Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle (original) Overlay
[Simfiles]->Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle (original)
Size: 2.47 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

Download Background Video. (works in KIU Long Notes)

About the anime - A cute, cute, cute sequel to a cute, cute, cute anime about steel angels with some serious fighting skills (and of course, the crazy looks to go along with it). While the original had a male lead and some male characters, this season is pretty much all females. The opening song is a remix of the original opening, which was spunky enough to make it to KIU.

Easy - The steps are very simple (like Curiosity). Just a simple set of steps so you can bounce around like Kurumi and the gang :)
Hard - It's pretty simple for this difficulty IMO. Few 8th steps, but one area where you do the "Beethoven Spin", but you plant your pivot foot due to the hold step in the center. Other than that it's all quarter steps and jumps.
Crazy - The only crazy part is the very beginning. I recommend your feet for reds, hands for blues, and your butt on yellow - you'll understand when you see it ^^; (it can't be done on KIU with the keypad AFAIK). You will look like you are crab-walking btw. The rest is simple (for crazy mode anyway). I wanted this song to be more fun than tiring; a song this cute should not leave you breathless. The end is very simple too. I also noticed that fast "Com'Back Spins" are a recurring theme in my steps. I don't know why exactly - they just seem right for the songs.
Double - This came out a lot scarier than I wanted. I was aiming for simplicity, but the steps I ended up with just seem so fluid. Honestly - it just looks tough. Execution isn't. Just remember to keep alternating feet when hitting steps and you'll be just fine. The steps mostly follow the lead instrument/singer, with some areas simplified (compared to Crazy).
How Crazy Are You Overlay
[Simfiles]->How Crazy Are You
Size: 3.89 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

Download Background Video. (works in KIU Long Notes)

About the game - Yes it's true. The (in)famous DOA:XBV has found it's way into the world of KIU. Featuring the women of the Dead or Alive series of all shapes and sizes and swimsuits, it's a game of simple volleyball and relationships between the girls. PH34R the DOAX:KIU crossover. And this song is no pushover either.

Easy - It starts off easy enough, but later on gets a little tough for it's mode. Hold steps, steps with hold steps, jumps, and a half step quazi-drill all await. Fortunately the BPM is only 102.
Hard - Very much off-beat and in sync with the lyrics often. You might wanna listen to the song once to get the timing of the gallop-to-half step in the beginning and end. It sort of reminds me of some of the Hard Mode songs in Prex 3 - it could pass as a low level crazy.
Crazy - You'll need some fast feet, some ability to slap the pads with your hands, and the ability to hit triple reliably. 2-4x speed highly recommended (especially for the area with the drills). Two small areas look like a bunch of random steps but you can hit them all with alternating feet if you turn your body correctly.
Double - Make sure that you can read ahead of the notes to prepare for some of the half step chains. A lot of areas require a little more or less turning that usual when changing pads. Because of the slow BPM, many areas can actaully be freestyled on (actaully I designed areas where a fluid motion is to spin around without using the center pad).
Himegoto Overlay
Size: 2.45 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

Download Background Video. (works in KIU Long Notes)

About the anime - Imagine a distant future where men and women live on separate planets - as enemies. It has a nice opening line: "Women are Demons!" thanks to male propaganda ^^; Anyway, it's a very fun show containing what most men like: mecha, battles, and fanservice. This ending song is rather weird though.

Easy - The ending song for the first season of Vandread sounds, well, sleazy. But it made a good song for a slower BPM type of song (I mean, Adult Ceremony/I Will Accept You made the cut on PIU right?). Like a wise (?) man once said, "Himegoto sounds like a 15 year old girl trying to flirt with a man while exciting herself to an orgasm." Anyway, the steps are pretty easy with a lot of freeze steps.
Hard - Not muich harder at all. Most quarter notes were added in to keep with the beat. The number of steps for a full combo is almost the same for crazy too surprisingly.
Crazy - The steps are sort of a homage to Bonnacia. What does this mean? Triples all over the place, that's what. Thankfully the slow BPM gives you time to do them all, but you won't get a decent grade if you can't hit them reliably.
Double - A song like this doesn't really feel the need for crazy doubles. It makes you dance across both pads back and forth, but it's not a chore at all.
Hear It Overlay
[Simfiles]->Hear It
Size: 2.24 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the game - I used to play "Crazy Taxi" quite a bit. A fun, arcade style taxi game about picking up customers and taking the crazy routes to get them there as fast as possible. It had a punk like theme, and this song is heard during the character selection area.

Easy - Most of the steps are spaced out to compensate for the very fast BPM. It sort of has Larpus like sensativity to steps, so you need to be extra accurate with your timing.
Hard - It'll be tiring with the BPM and the fact that the song goes for almost two minutes. A mix of full and half beats to go around with. The holds may get to you since they are all in the middle of the song and they come one after another.
Crazy - Fear it (no pun intended). Ridiculously fast and has that "Join the Party" area with a super-long center hold step and fast arrows to accompany it. You need to read far ahead to prepare for the grueling task ahead.
Double - The fast BPM and the half-beat steps make this sequence very tough. Like crazy mode, read far ahead to prepare. The chains aren't uber fast, but do get tricky.
Duvet Overlay
Size: 2.58 MB
Uploaded by: Morrigan
Compatible with: Kick it Up, Direct Move, StepMania

About the anime - Considered to be one of the weirdest and most strangest of all anime, Lain has become quite a popular title. The flow of the show is so weird, yet you can't help but keep watching. You'll have to watch it several times to get the whole meaning of the anime (the Wired, the real world, who is Lain, etc). I put this KIU song off for the longest time, and now it's finally arrived!

Easy - Slow. The BPM is less than 100. The timing of the steps is a little quarky, but don't let that get to you; the speed of the song lets you recover.
Hard - It actually follows my original crazy format, but since the result came out simple, I rated it hard. Pretty much offbeat with maybe one or two difficult areas.
Crazy - A lot of funny things you have to do for this one. Holds, gallops, and a seemingly crazy series of quarter-step chains at the end. But if you look at them and study the patterns the motions are actually quite simple.
Double - Mostly resembles hard mode style of steps with some variations. The end may hurt you though if you are not facing the right way.
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